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In Topic: Add some "survivability"

09 February 2013 - 03:38 PM

Gesh.. all this gear/stas culculating is making me nuts!

This is the build i have come up with so far with your guys help;

I had to change the celestial acc. because i wont be wearing that around, so i had to change to berserker, but i have some new criterias for my build.

I want go keep my power above 1,8XX my toughness above 1,6XX, and my health above 15,5XX, but then i need some help.. My crit. chance doesn't have to be higher than 50%, and i calcualted that, if i get above 1,6XX toughness and having retributive armor, it will give me aditional 3 or 4% crit. chance, depending on how it scales up and down, and + 5% acc. from the sigil, meaning i only need around 41 - 41% crit. chance in the calculator to get my 50%

So is there anyway to change my build, by knowing the following, to give me what i want?

In Topic: Add some "survivability"

08 February 2013 - 09:50 AM

View Postindure, on 07 February 2013 - 06:22 PM, said:

@Its Kharscal: Do use food/oil buffs? Omnomberry Ghost gives 66% life steal on crit, which gives a lot of regen.

If you want more survivability, but don't want to give up a lot of damage I wouldn't change your armor. I would focus on runes/sigils/food buffs/secondary weapons/utilities.

View PostKumpeltor, on 07 February 2013 - 06:51 PM, said:

No, i rarely use foods/oils, but i'm well aware of what to consume for that matter, but i just want a build where it is not needed to "always" consume something.

What about playing with hammer? That would confers you protection (that you can enhance by increasing your boon durations).
And also add to your skill bar the signet that prevents 10% of damages (passive effect)?

Maybe that would be too much of changing your play style though....

Uuhh.. giving away my greatsword.. for a hammer? uh uh, no ;)

View PostGuanglaiKangyi, on 07 February 2013 - 11:33 PM, said:

For what it's worth, that is already super tanky.  You can barely even call yourself DPS at all with that setup.  I would not recommend going any lower than you are already, DPS-wise.  If you are still feeling like you need more defense your best bet is probably just to give up on doing damage altogether and just go full support.  Magi gear is good for this because it keeps precision procs and boosts vitality and healing power.  Just keep in mind that if you go this route a lot of people (including myself) won't want to play with you, since most groups prefer to run full DPS (for good reason).  That's the price you pay, though.

If you are looking for a balanced build with strong DPS that still offers high survivability, you can try the one I posted here.  If you really like the playstyle you currently have, though, I would drop the 15 points you have in Radiance currently (there really aren't any good traits in Radiance up until 25 points, except maybe A Fire Inside) and move them over to Zeal and Virtues for Fiery Wrath and Master of Consecrations, respectively.  This would put you at 10/0/30/20/10 which is an okay spread for DPS.

I just don't fell like give up my radiance, the one important thing is that it is giving me the 20% recharge on signets, which i quite importen considering faster healing = more suvivanility ;)

View PostXephenon, on 08 February 2013 - 02:44 AM, said:

Your in full berserker with the lowest base HP of all professions (alongside thief & ele, who has more "invuln" tools than Guardian), so rarely dying in WvW is pure bull****, especially as a Guardians Ranged options straight up suck in WvW.

That said, full Knights armor with Berserker weapons & accessories. Problem solved.

We could argue back and fourth about where is bullshit or not, but because of the WvWvW bonuses etc. i do have a higher hp (around 15k), and playstyle also counts, but nevermind..

The build with the Knight's armor seems like it, it would give me higher toughness, and more "survivability" without having to take numbers from my power, atck, crit.dmg/chance (we talking 2 -4%).. so it seems like the obvious choice.. and then use the Superior Rune of The Soldier, which will bang it up around a base hp for 15k, which is around 1,500 more health without giving up on the damage..

And if you haven't seen this guy esuke put up a stats calculator (thanks for that!), so i just thought about showing it that way..


Now it is just about tweaking those runes, sigils, jewel etc to the right amount!

But one thing.. i'm willing to take the Soldier runes.. should i go 6/6 and get the ability to remove conditions when using shouts, or should i go 5/6 and the find one rune that gives +25 toughness/vitality, would that be better?

In Topic: GW2 Stats Calculator

08 February 2013 - 09:01 AM

Just. Simply. Awesome. Thanks, and great work esuke!

In Topic: Add some "survivability"

07 February 2013 - 04:34 PM

View PostMinion, on 07 February 2013 - 12:40 PM, said:

How is your precision so low compared to your crit damage? I thought the two always went hand in hand. What runes are you currently using?

My setup is the same, but without the ascended gear because the mechanics in Fractals annoy me. Full berserker, ruby trinkets with sup eagle runes. I have 97% crit damage and 55% crit chance atm, which will rise when I get my ascended amulet at the end of this month with my laurels. The extra survivability comes from Altruistic Healing. I don't care what GuaialdialiaKaiagiai says, maxing out crit damage/toughness to take AH improves damage in the long-run due to tankiness and not having to move around/dodge as often. Being able to have high DPS (note the difference between burst damage and drawn-out DPS) and yet amazing survivability is great, since there's no real negative. You're compensated the massive extra heals/toughness with crit damage, which, for you, will be higher than 100% if you do wear Eagle runes also. I would certainly consider that.

I don't know why the precision is so "low" compared ti the crit. dmg.? I thought about running the same build as you mentioned, i just think its to "fragile"? But i don't know how well u survive in pve, fractals etc.?

View PostThaddeuz, on 07 February 2013 - 01:26 PM, said:

I don't really understand your stats if you are already full Berserker (exept a Ancient Karka Shell with Celestial Stats).

You got 2570 Defense (2570 - 1211 (armor) - 916 (base toughness) - 25 (Ancrient Karka Shell) = 418). You obviously use 300 pts in Valor, which let us 118 Toughness Pts. Do you use a Rune that give you more toughness like Soldier?

Also, you have a good amount of Critical Damage, but a really small Critical Chance and Power.  My Guardian got 15k Hp, 3K Defense and still got the same amount of Critical Change and about 100 more power.

If you want to had some Surviability while keeping a good DPS the best way is by Playing with Soldier (for HP), Knight (for Toughness) and Berserker (DPS) gear. Just make sure you understant the ratio ''pts of stats : Critical damage''. Some piece of gear have a better ratio, meaning that you get more citical damage for the point of stats you sacrifice.  In this optic, make sure that Amulet, Rings and Back Item are Berserker (because Ascended gear have a good ratio) and use knight or Soldier Earing (bad ratio) with Berserker Jewel(good ratio). For your Armor, the piece of gear you want to transfer to Knight or Soldier are in order of bad to good ratio are Hear, Legs, Chest, Weapons, Shoulder, Pants, Boots.

For runes i don't use any atm, that's why i was interested in hearing peoples thoughts on what to go with.. But i seems like i got a good build going there? fell free to elaborate a bit on that, give some insigt in what you use.
Well.. i get "around" the 15k hp when going around, considering the extra % from WvW etc. but as my stats go, u can see, it aint that high, but i don't know if thats the same with you?

About my traits, i'm running a classic 0/15/30/20/5 with AH, 20% recharge in shouts, signets and GS. And as for weapon i'm using the Ghastly shield and scepter (power, vit. toughness) and for main i'm running GS from CoF (power, precison, crit. dmg) with a 5% accuracy sigil.

In Topic: "Guardian of Lyssa" build. Unkillable self-healer w/ great DPS.

10 December 2012 - 09:13 PM

View Postmalevolence, on 10 December 2012 - 06:06 PM, said:

It all comes down to what you want to achieve, if your goal is high DPS, you should focus on precision and crit damage, I would say more on Precision than Crit. Damage actually, the higher the chance the more damage you will make per second. The important stuff is the "on critical" consumables,  because with that high chance you will be activating them almost always, and the food with 66% chance to steal life on critical doesn't have cooldown, so as long as you crit hit, you will get the bonus.

I have almost the same stats than you (also armor wise), and I didn't bother reaching 30k armor, 29k was just fine for me. Also your Vitality is good enough, I have even a bit less, but as I say, with the consumables you can keep your hp and even make it full in a matter of seconds. I will, with no doubt, go with another precision + Crit. damage ring (similar to the Red Ring of Death).

About the Soldier Runes (I had the Soldier Runes before), I changed for Lyssa to make the Elite skill more effective, and I didn't miss the condition removal from the Soldier Runes, with the Traits (1 condition removal every 10 second) and the healing skill signet (another 10 seconds condition removal) is enough for me.

But as I said, it comes down what you want to achieve, and of course what you like and feel comfortable with.

Yearh, i get what you are saying.. for my guardian im going maximum DPS, but also want the "survivability".. But you say you are running samme armor etc, and you don't have any problems considering healt and so? becuase if you dont then i will just go full Lyssa (or something else with precision etc.)

And when it comes to Sigils what do you use, or would recommend? And is it right that the Sigils are only active when the weapon are drawn, or can i go bloodlust on my scepter, and accuracy on my GS, and then use my GS and still having the benefits of the bloodlust or does the scepter has to be drawn?