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Add some "survivability"

07 February 2013 - 12:27 PM


I have been playing my guardian since release, and has gathered all good thinks for him.. But now as i'm playing, i somewhat wants to add some more "survivability" to him. I very rarely die in PvE, Fractals and WvWvW becuase of the gear and play style, but i just want to resiste a little but more for those moments when it is required.

The following are my stats, gear etc.

Posted Image   Posted Image    Posted Image

For my armor i'm using full arah (power, precision, crit. dmg.)
For my rings, amulet etc. i'm also aiming for the power, precision, crit. dmg.

Problem is, as it is right now, i love the amount of dmg. i'm dealing, so i don't want to remove to much of the power, precision, crit. dmg. (if possible)

So right now, i'm asking for the best solution?..

What i had in mind was to go for power, vit. toughness in all my rings, amulets etc. and then maybe go for the Superior Rune of The Eagle to make up for the lost crit. dmg. and precision.. Or if u should add some Superior Rune of The Soldier to the armor , and add some survivabiltty that way? But i don't know what would be considered the best idea..
So therefore i was hoping for you to help me!

2H GS "Tank" - Help to choose/decide

30 October 2012 - 10:03 AM

Hi GW2Guru,

I'm having a hard time deciding which build i should go with, and for that matter also which armor i should choose. I'm using mainly 2H GS, and scepter/shield, and want to make a "tanky" build for my Guardian. I'm deciding between the following builds:

My build now.

Not much to say, but what i'm using now, and made from the experience i have gained over time..

But i'm thinking about swithcing to one of the following builds, and idon't know which to choose?

1st build:

Mainly focused over the virtues, just because they are a really big thing to the guardian

2nd build:

This one is focused around Radiance because the traits seems good, and contributes to the signet recharge and some retaliation

I would like some help choosing, or maybe helping for another better build, because i would also like to Honor full so i can get 20% recharge two-handed and Writ of the merciful.. Hoping for your help!