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Friends online?

19 November 2012 - 11:36 PM

Hi guys,

My name's Mary and I am writing a paper on the dynamics of friendship and community in Guild Wars 2. I'm interested in whether or not people share their real lives with online friends, and how these relationships form. I'm going to post some questions so I hope a discussion will arise from this!

I am looking for patterns and themes in these answers, so no usernames or personal information will be used. It is not going to be published anywhere.

Here are my questions!

Are the people you interact with online people you know in real life?

If YES, know IRL:
Does online interaction strengthen your relationship?
Do you talk about your lives outside of the game while playing?

If NO, do not know IRL:
Do you consider people online as "friends" or otherwise?
How do these relationships generally form?
How much personal information do you share with them? Personal identity, personal history, day to day life, etc?
How much do they tend to share with you?
Are these online relationships stronger, or weaker than real life ones?
How do they differ from physical relationships?

And one more:

What is your general impression of the Guild Wars 2 community?

Thanks everybody!

GW2 University Project

30 October 2012 - 07:00 PM

Hi guys,

My name's Mary and I'm a student at the University of Victoria currently doing a study of the Guild Wars 2 community for an anthropology class. I'm interested in finding out how people form relationships online, specifically in this amazing game. I've been a Guild Wars player for about 4 years now and have a deep love for this game, so I figured I would use this to my advantage for some course credit. In Guild Wars 2, I am currently a lvl 62 Sylvari Ranger working towards my World Completion medal, so I am an active and engaged player.

So, I am here to ask the community if anyone would like to get involved with my project! I'm looking for participants who I can interview about their experiences with the community of the game, as well as tag along in-game to get a better feel of these interactions. Since this is, in fact, a formal study, I can assure full confidentiality and anonymity with my university's consent form. I will NOT require any personal information such as real name, age, location, or gender, and I encourage any email contact to be on a separate email than that used for your game account. If anybody is interested, or would just like some more information, please feel free to message me via this forum account, or message me in-game at Finley Oakes.

I really hope this came across with good intentions, as I care about this game as much as any player, and to become a more engaged part of the community while doing this project would mean the world to me!

Thanks everybody!


TL;DR: University project on Guild Wars 2 community, contact me to get involved!