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Invest in Halloween for Profit

31 October 2012 - 12:22 AM

With Halloween ending, and the prices of candy corn, plastic fangs, nougat centers, and chattering skulls have bottomed out in price, now might be the time to invest.  Candy corn is very cheap right now and is used in crafting of alot of desirable items that can be crafted across all crafting professions and used post Halloween, with the supply flow gone it can only go up in price.  As for fangs, nougat, and skulls, this is your safest investment, they have bottomed out in the trading post at one copper above merchant price, if you act soon your risk will only be 1 copper per unit on these items since they can not drop in price anymore.  These items are used in the crafting of many Halloween things such as superior runes, weapons, and armor.

Does this seem like a good investment?  The laws of supply and demand state that as supply lowers even with no change in demand the price should go up,in the long term at least...