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In Topic: Necros too squishy?

09 November 2012 - 05:49 PM

I play necro as my main, Dagger/Dagger for my main weapon set and Scepter/Focus for my secondary weapon set.  At level 80 in Cursed Shore, I can stand still and punch mobs to death with nothing but my 1 and have no trouble surviving using a full magic find set (read: no defensive stats).  Now, that's one at a time, but I can take three to four mobs at once without difficulty if I use my skills.

Necromancer's have a huge HP pool, it's doubled  by your death shroud, and you'll find once you hit 30 and start picking up elite skills that you can essentially double it again.  Flesh Golem is a strong off tank that cripples and knocks down (I actually never unlocked flesh golem til long after I was 80), Plague Form doubles your max HP and can blind enemies in an AoE giving you essentially 15~20 seconds of invulnerabilitiy against non-dredge as long as they are grouped together, Lich Form also gives you a huge boost to your max HP and very very strong damage.

At the low levels for survivability, carrying atleast one minion skill can be invaluable.  LIke most people here have said, without traits you can have some difficulty, but even a single minion (I used blood fiend) can provide you with a ton of survivability because of the off-tank potential.  Otherwise, smart dodges and good use of your utilities and emergency death shrouding will help you a lot.

Those first few story steps can be quite a pain, but once you get through those I think you'll find that necromancers are actually quite tanky as far as casters go.