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#2302556 Why Being Efficient is the Only Thing Left

Posted Epitaph_Blade on 02 March 2014 - 03:38 AM

View PostEl Duderino, on 02 March 2014 - 02:12 AM, said:

Why is it unreasonable? Should games be so dumbed down nowadays that you can sleep walk through them simply because they should be developed for the lowest common denominator?

Let me ask a question: In general, we consider arts and entertainment to be intertwined, right? So, what is generally considered good "art"? The stuff that is developed for the lowest common denominator or the stuff that was done well? Why should games be done differently? Why can't we say that GW2 is just like the Twilight Saga? Sure, it is a popular series of movies, but no one is giving it any awards. No one is saying that it is really any good in any objective sense. Why are you saying that games should be held to a lower standard than other art and to ask for more is unreasonable??

Again, I'm not saying that. What I quoted, stated that each encounter in the game requires a human-level AI, which is, unreasonable.
I do agree on improving the AI, but I don't believe that is possible, or reasonable, to achieve a level of AI, where, "efficiency", or "rotations" wouldn't happen. That would make the game unplayable.

Most of the circular discussions on this thread, and forums, happen just because people go to extremes so easily, that you have to become a fanatic of a side to participate.
I don't feel qualified to say how it should be done, it's just my opinion, and just a couple of years of experience. But what can I say? I enjoy this game, I understand its flaws, and I, like you I suppose, want it to be as good as it can be. But I try to keep my expectations within a certain level, that doesn't mean I'll buy anything, or that I don't care about quality. But I have to understand the genre and the type of game I'm playing. Perhaps, that is what let me enjoy the game, at the same time, I expect it to become better.

#2299527 NCSoft 4th Quarter Earnings Report

Posted Improvavel on 23 February 2014 - 02:49 PM

View PostEl Duderino, on 22 February 2014 - 03:22 PM, said:

So, you know how many active players are playing GW2 and were playing GW1? Do you work for ANet or can you link to those numbers? Thanks!

I'm sorry, but your very poor attempt at trying to make connections about things you don't know which don't even relate to the statement you are trying to support is a poor attempt at trying to make connections about things you know know which don't relate to the statement you are trying to support.

You don't know the inner workings of ANet, so you can't comment on them or use them for an example of anything or to support anything. If you do know the inner workings, please link to that so that we can see you data too. Thanks!

Are you trying to make any point about GW1 and GW2 player numbers?
I know that GW2 makes more money from GW2 players on microtransaction than GW1 made from GW1 players on expansion quarters.

I guess you can choose to believe $25-30M a quarter is all whales spending and that GW2 has less players than GW1, but even in the 2005-2007 period with expansions available for purchases, GW1 was making $15M in a quarter.

$15M is 500K boxes @$30ea (already discounting the retailers slice).
The only metric we have available to compare GW2 and GW1 is revenue.

I know that Anet was able to create GW2.
And now people are trying to tell me that the same people that made a game have not enough people to make an expansion.


The data is Live for anyone to see - just log in GW2 and you can see how much content GW2 had at release and how much content GW2 released trough Living Story.

My points:
GW2 is a financial success - vide NCSoft earning reports.

GW2 generated more revenue than GW1 - vide NCSoft earning reports.

Living Story did not produce enough content to justify all the Anet staff working in it - Anet themselves claimed that the Live Team is 10-20 as large as GW1 Live team that was composed by 4-5 people - and so Anet must be working in something else like an expansion. Anet claimed that they are working in GW2 related projects.

Now what is your point?
That Anet won't release an expansion in a box form?

It might happen that they don't release an expansion in a box (I believe they will) but be it box or no box doesn't prevent Anet from working on content other than the Living Story.

It is clear from the start that Anet has a Live team and that the Live Team is not all Anet.

"Our goal is to continue to raise the bar by keeping the game constantly updated with more high-quality content than any other game has offered before. We think Guild Wars 2 is one of the most enthralling online worlds ever created, so we are dedicated to a live game that impacts this world with events and milestones that are immersive and possibly permanent. We want this to be a world where you share memories of pivotal moments and exciting experiences for years to come.
To meet our goal, rather than have one small live team as is normally provided in traditional MMOs, we have formed multiple live teams focused on expanding Guild Wars 2 in the long term. I’ll cover the teams in broad terms below to give you an idea of the kind of support to expect. As our teams update the game, they will give you more specifics in the form of update notes, media interviews, and blog posts like this one.
So who are our teams, and what do they do?

Live Security—You’ve heard from this team’s coordinator, Mike Lewis, already on our forums, so you’ve seen some of their early work and long-term plans already. Our security team is focused on fighting bots, spammers, and account thieves. They work closely with customer service in those areas.
Live Response—The Live Response team is focused on fixing bugs, addressing game feedback, and balancing the game. You’ve seen a lot of their work already in the update notes.
Living World—The Living World team is focused on adding new content to the game world. This team will be adding and refining the types of content you already know in PvE and WvW, as well as developing new features and rewards.
PvP/E-Sports—This team is dedicated to supporting and building the competitive PvP community. They will be building new features that help support the growth of Guild Wars 2 as a competitive game. Jonathan Sharp will be sharing more on this in the near future.
Holidays & Events—Our Holidays & Events team will be creating a variety of special holidays inGuild Wars 2, building on the long tradition of amazing holidays in Guild Wars. You can likely guess which holiday you will see from this team first, and I recommend that everyone check our website next week for more information about this exciting first event.
On top of holidays, this team will also be creating in-game one-time events that occur and can change the world or drive narratives that come to a finite conclusion across the world.
Mac & Performance—This team is focused on development for Guild Wars 2 for the Mac. You’ve seen them recently release the Mac Beta Client as their first major project. They’ll also be focusing on client performance, helping ensure the game runs well on the widest range of hardware going forward.
Bonus teams—We will sometimes be creating additional teams not listed above. These teams will build specific cool features or events we decide we want to do outside of the scope of the other live teams. (Spoiler: We have some of these teams hard at work right now, and you’ll be seeing the first results of their efforts in November.)
Lastly, we have our Commerce team. You’ve heard from John Smith, our economist from this team, recently, and you’ll be seeing many additions from our friends in the Black Lion Trading Company in the future.
We hope this look at Guild Wars 2 live development gives you some insight into how we’re hoping to push the envelope in managing our live game. For those familiar with the original Guild Wars, you know we have a long history of adding incredible free content and features to the game. With a dedicated live team more than ten times the size of the Guild Wars live team, we think you’re going to be blown away by the size and scope of live additions to the world of Tyria for a very, very long time."

#2299107 Living Story Vs Personal Story

Posted Reason on Cooldown on 22 February 2014 - 04:17 PM

I believe the devs have already admitted that PS is a bit of an anchor on what they're now trying to do.  It worked great for what it was at release.  Introducing people to the game, giving them a breadcrumb trail to follow to offer some direction, and provide a (compelling?) story of which your character is an integral part.  I agree if the devs are not beginning discussions as to what to do with PS, they SHOULD be.

That said, it's likely that storing two versions of LA is not technically feasible in the current game design.  And there is NO WAY they would have had the time to redesign the PS in parallel to this release.  They have only so much time and resources, they were on a schedule for the LS release.  So PS immersion is going to have to suffer.

Now people can get all worked up about it and considering game breaking, or you can roll with the punches, maybe have a good laugh about it, and hope they are working on what to do.

Personally, I would like to see them convert PS into a racial quest.  Introduce you to the lore of that race, and progress it through their own territory, rather than all roads leading to LA and Orr.  Perhaps keep the into quests, but that rewrite the parts with the Pact and maybe even the Orders.

I think I want to take some of my alts through the LA PS arch just to see how silly it looks.  I have 3 I think that are in that range of their stories. :)

#2295336 Why Do People Call GW2's Combat "Action"?

Posted Kattar on 13 February 2014 - 08:27 PM

Okay, I'd say that's enough of that.

If you have so firm of an opinion on something and you're not going to even bother trying to understand someone else's or perhaps learn something outside your small sphere of experience, why are you posting on a discussion forum? If you don't want to discuss something rationally then what's the point?

#2293206 Why Do People Call GW2's Combat "Action"?

Posted Kattar on 10 February 2014 - 03:50 PM

View PostEl Duderino, on 10 February 2014 - 01:59 PM, said:

I mean, when I think of action based combat, I think of games like Infinity Blade or Street Fighter, stuff like that.
If you're basing your judgement of an MMO combat system off a different style of game then it's not going to be the same, obviously. It's like saying you don't like bacon because it doesn't taste like chicken. Yes, they're both animals that came from a farm (or "farm"), but they're not the same and shouldn't be the same.

The "action based combat" claims stem from GW1 PvE perspective where you basically sat in one place and casted or hit things. PvP is always "action based" because you're playing people that are going to move and think more than a regular mob would. PvE wasn't like that as much.

It just seems like there's a good bit of over-analysis in your initial line of thought.

#2249885 X-Post Chris Whiteside on "Collaborative Development"

Posted Krazzar on 24 October 2013 - 05:18 PM

View Postnerfandderf, on 24 October 2013 - 11:09 AM, said:

The direction is anets alone - there is no need for ncsoft to micromanage at this point. If the game plummets and the revenue cans yes they will come in.
They have full control especially with content. The store has the nexon connection and is terribly managed but that may be the one thing they do have control on. Other than giving the word on what to do - ie expansion it is all anet and gross mismanagement.

Not one of the rumors or glass doors reviews ever cited intervention by the publisher that clashed against staff and design philosophy.

The direction of the execution is up to Anet, the things they're testing are not exactly in line with what they stated before, which is the entire conflict. Anet is "lying" and wants to test these things on their own, NCSoft is calling the shots on the future of the Western market, or there is a mix of the two. Any way you look at it we have the same situation, neither side will comment on the relationship in any detail to ever know for sure.

Because stating so would be good for the health of the game, right? You wouldn't be upset if Anet said they have little to no control over some aspects of the game, right? That wouldn't be a big deal to any segment of the playerbase. /s  This is simple PR to make sure you never find out anything about that relationship. Seems odd to expect that kind of communication, unless you complain at length about everything you don't like about your boss or company to every potential client or customer.

View PostEl Duderino, on 24 October 2013 - 11:44 AM, said:

So when NCsoft said there would be an expansion and ANet said there would be the Living Story instead, we got.... What ANet said. Hmmm... It appears you are incorrect.

Where is this "history of GW1" of which you speak? Proof would be nice.

From NCSoft:


"In regards to your recent post on a Guild Wars 2 expansion, there is a slight misunderstanding when interpreting the answer from the NCsoft earnings call. We are considering an expansion, but we are taking a wait-and-see stance. We are evaluating the performance of the game and deciding on when would be the best time to launch an expansion. But right now, our living story approach is very successful in keeping players engaged with new and exciting content. Launching boxed expansions are a great way to package content, but if we can do this on a more regular basis, something we've been doing since launch, it provides players with new content to explore and experience every time they log into the game."

You should probably try to keep yourself updated. It appears I am incorrect but you were mistaken. In the future spend more time researching what you're talking about.

Go ahead and read up on what GW1 added in expansions because it seems you've lost much to nostalgia . Vertical progression in a new category is not horizontal progression. New currency categories mean starting over. The foundations for all that has been added to GW2 has been in GW1 in one form or another. That's one of the few lessons they learned from GW1, how to expand to keep people playing.

More living story instead of an expansion is a no-brainer. Looking back at previous posts it was rather obvious to some of us. Large expansions fracture the community and invalidate old content in a few ways while also requiring a large balance risk, living story reuses existing assets and is inclusive while requiring little rebalancing if any. Not what I would prefer but it apparently works.