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P2W Poopstorm brewing? - VIP Membership data [Official Response]

09 January 2014 - 11:42 PM

Heeeeeeeeeere we go.

So, a data miner from Reddit has found some sexily controversial stuff about VIP Membership. The data doesn't tell if this is a subscription or use real money (AKA UNCLEAR, UNCONFIRMED WHAT SO EVER). Some of the effects seem horribly ridiculous (Teleport to Friend, really?). An April Fool or will Anet shoot his both legs?

The floor is yours, Duderino.

Anet's response here: https://forum-en.gui...e/5#post3474276


We just wanted to respond to the image that has been data-mined from the Edge of the Mists testing branch.

This is a testing branch. We conduct internal experiments for various territories on our testing branches. This particular experiment is not being tested for the West.

As always, keep in mind that we test a lot more than we ship, so data-mining is no guarantee of anything. If we have announcements to make about future content, we’ll make them through the usual official channels.

Weird red pillar at the Field of Ruins

26 November 2013 - 09:14 PM

Me and my guild stumbled upon this strange red glowing pillar close to Tenaebron Lake at the Fields of Ruin . It looks like a giant thumper turret, made to wake something underground perhaps? Its name is DO NOT TOUCH. If you dare to touch it, you'll get launched and scolded by it.

Next LS stuff?

The Nightmares Within - November 12th update preview

05 November 2013 - 02:47 PM

Posted Image

Enter the Tower of Nightmares

The dark tower in Kessex Hills has been breached! Now it's the time to storm the tower and begin setting things to rights. Within the morbid stronghold of the Toxic Alliance, you’ll find new dangers, new challenges, and come face-to-face with terror incarnate.

Arenanet announced the next Living Story update: the Nightmares Within. The heroes of Tyria assault the giant tower in Kessex Hills and fight the Toxic Alliance. According to the picture we'll also face the Gearworks and a brand new foe. Scarlet's messed up experiments, perhaps?

Rewards in this update include:
  • Gasmask Skin for completing the meta achievement, applicable to any head piece armor (yay!)
  • Air-Filtration-Device Skin: A head piece armor skin with the same look as the starter Aqua Breather (yay?)
  • Toxic Spore back item
  • Two new Toxic Krait minis: Mini Toxic Hybrid and Mini Toxic Nimross
  • Tri-Key Chest: "The Tri-Key Chest holds a chance for special treasures. Collect the three keys to open it from foes within the tower, or barter for them with Marjory’s Helper, Dee. Open the chest to see what lies inside!"

This update also includes the Rock the Nightmare-contest where you need create a music video for the "The Nightmare Within"-song. The best music video nets you a spiffing looking guitar made by the Sygnus Guitars and the second best one is rewarded by GW2-themed gaming gear by Steelseries. The contest ends at Nov. 26, more information about the contest here.

Display Name

04 November 2013 - 12:28 AM

I try to change the display name but it nags that the current password is incorrect. Is this password the same you use to login to the guru?

Dragon-shaped Tinfoil Hat Time

12 September 2013 - 02:09 PM

Beigarth the Smith is the experienced blacksmith who was helped by the Norn heroes. In A Weapon of Legend the Norn need to bring Beigarth some Deldrimor Steel for a powerful weapon that might break the Jormag's tooth at the Hoelbrak.

Now, the new Ascended weapons require Deldrimor Steel for the blade. Heck, one of the ascended sets is named after Beigarth.

So...*wears the tinfoil hat*...Jormag anytime soon? :P