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In Topic: Thoughts on Aggro

08 November 2012 - 02:29 PM

I had the last centaur champion of the hirathi hinterlands throw aoe fire at me (thief) while I was on a long range distance (could not hit with the pistols I was using) also it maintain aoe fire spell on the location where I was downed. It´s interesting, because a boss can hold down a single player perfectly well, but they need a way to impact all the players. The same centaur champion could also be auto attacked on other occasion without any problem for 10 minutes. Let´s hope A-net continues to tweak these things and find ways to make mobs use theirs skills to maximum effect.

In Topic: Is magic find as a game mechanic even necessary?

08 November 2012 - 01:39 PM

I think part of the problem people have with MF is that it is a trade off outside the normal borders of stats. Vitality or Power, Endurance or Precision, these things all help somehow in combat. MF doesn't, in using it u give up the perfect combat stats, and that is bothersome, because it means there is no perfect equilibrium, you either kill things as efficiently as possible or you get slightly better loot. This choice is not clear cut, there is an actual decision to be made, that's what makes it annoying for some people.
The only real argument against it that i've heard is problems in WvW and dungeons, things where your teammates might wear MF and thus contribute less to the fight. It's their choice, you could ask them not to, if they find other people with the same gear they can try the dungeon and take longer or fail more often, if I figure out a way to solidly complete a dungeon with MF gear I see no reason not to.

MF gear makes it so that there is no 'perfect' because you have to choose between combat and extra earnings. If gold is your only goal you need to calculate how much MF slows your killing and offset that to the better loot. If your main goal is winning battles don't use MF, the extra loot won't make you happy. Choose!

In Topic: [Answered] Can low level players earn xp in high level areas?

08 November 2012 - 11:11 AM

Mostly just playing together works really well, if you are completing an area together the events go quicker etc. this is the fastest way to gain exp and loot and the most fun.

In Topic: Solution: How to resurrect dead zones

08 November 2012 - 11:09 AM

I like the organic feel of randomly meeting up with people in the wild to fight a boss that just appeared. That is, when there are people around and I don't end up strafing around this boss for 10 minutes while chipping away at its health only to get the same reward I would have gotten when 20 people where around.

The structure of playing an entire sitting on one server probably allows for smoother gameplay than dividing the zones over different servers. A place to meet up with people would be nice, getting the servers more interconnected, maybe even allowing for certain area's to be more active on certain servers. In the end of course its about content versus users, if they increase the content the density will lessen, if there are less players the density will lessen. In the second situation merging servers might help, in the first it might also help, but is harder to accomplish because the server load would increase.

Also getting area's as busy as they where in the first month is difficult because most people progressed at more or less the same speed so most people where playing the same region. I started an alt (which is now my main) after reaching level 20 and found the starter area to be way less crowded already.

In Topic: So Whats Your Opinion On The Armor Aesthetic In This Game

08 November 2012 - 10:47 AM

Making more of the existing armors available (npc armor and such) would help. ofcourse with new content I would expect to find new armor as well. Next to that each piece of armor should be interesting and combinable.
Right now most of the boots look alike, and even though the basic types of clothing are there (vests, coats) there is plenty of room for expanding.
The best thing they could do to improve though would be making sure all armor can be combined without strange cutoffs. Where having that complete set of dungeon armor is cool, mixing and matching can make a personalized armor combo that you would find on anyone else. (transmutation stones help a lot of course because they separate looks from stats)

Also maybe profession specific armor could be added, but with the starter items now its possible to transfer them within your account so ranger equipment of thieves and engineers would not be uncommon.