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Build Notation Guide

03 November 2012 - 12:16 AM

I'm writing this simply to try and create a system that will allow us to talk about character builds and create builds easily and without hassle.

Here's the template:

Build Name

Primary Weapon-Offhand/Alternative^Secondary Weapon
(Primary rune-Offhand/Alternative rune^Secondary rune)

Legs-Rune etc...

Traits and Perks:

Slot skills:
7-Skill name
8-Skill name
9-Skill name
0-Elite Skill name

So to give an example, here's a mesmer build I use in pvp.

Mesmer Spiker

(Sigil of Bloodlust-Sigil of Paralyzation^Sigil of Force)

Armor: Spec for Power and precision.
Sigil of the Mesmer on all


Slot Skills:
Mantra of Recover
Mantra of Pain
Mirror Images
Time Warp

Feel free to comment on how good of a system you think this is. Don't bother commenting on the build...

5 Man Dungeon Structure

02 November 2012 - 11:59 PM

After studying the game and its systems a little bit, I'm going to attempt to outline a formula for making successful 5-man dungeon runs with each member using a different role. I'll jump right in to it.

Essentially, I figure there are five roles any class can play that work in pve and serve a special purpose. While they can be accomplished in a variety of ways, they are:

Tank: This character specs into vitality and toughness in an effort to draw damage away from other members of the team. They typically take skills that give them boons, remove conditions, or otherwise allow them to dodge or resist damage.

DPS: Damage dealers. Unless one of the soldier professions, this character should be ranged ideally to avoid damage. A DPS build can deal its damage through conditions, attacks, etc, and makes no real attempt to focus on defense, allowing teammates to cover him or her.

Support: A character who specs into healing, stunning or slowing enemies, or giving allies boons. Support is a very broad role in GW2, but a good support can make the difference between a wipe and victory. To this end, all supports should bring their revival skill on their bar, unless another build has room.

Crowd Control: The crowd control character does their best to destroy weaker creatures as quickly as possible or alternatively to simply make them ineffective through stuns or disables. Spike damage builds or disruption builds can work to this end.

Bruiser: The team's secondary tank. This is probably going to be a melee character who specs broadly between damage and tanking/support. Because of GW2's lack of spammable heals, it may be necessary for tanks to switch off, and bruisers allow for that. Typically, a bruiser should carry a weapon or skill that allows them to block or survive, since they also spec for damage.

This system works because of the way the game is designed. With a greater emphasis on offense and no true support class, even a support character can still aid in damage. This makes only one dedicated DPS necessary, with defensive abilities spread throughout the team.

Since healing and true tanking abilities are so sparse, tanks may need to resort to dodging and evasion rather than simple brute force to do their job. This universal kiting strategy allows even light armor classes to tank. However, this can't possibly work forever unless the tank is extremely good or the team very well coordinated, so a secondary tank is necessary.

This is what I believe will work most efficiently for most dungeons or pve scenarios, but a specific dungeon may require certain changes for best results. Please test this out and feel free to comment on how you think it works or with suggestions for improvement.