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Need Help With My Rifle Support Warrior

05 November 2012 - 03:19 AM

OK So i am building a rifle/sword/warhorn Banner warrior heres the build here but i was wandering how much condition dmg is enough and how much is to much for simple bleeding stacks.
My armor will Be Rabid Armor Con Dmg Toughness Precision

Runes well I am Deciding Between a mix of runes well the runes that increase boon duration you know  2 monks 2 water then 2 lyssa for the 10 condition duration Or i will do Rune of Undead the other alternative is divinity leaning to Boon Duration though means my regen from banners will last longer will last longer healing more eventually i will get 3 rabid dudgeon armor sets and use them all.

Sigils i plan on running peril sigil on my rifle And Curruption and Debility on my sword/warhorn

Jewels and accessory was going to go with ruby jewels on rampagers Rings and earrings i have a triforge pendent and will use guild assassin backpack all that should net me a decent crit chance and 21/crit dmg

Weapons i am going to use berserkers weapons for all weapons why cause still not sure how much condition dmg i need for just stacking bleeding to bother getting rampager/carrion weapons.Any way berserkers wil give me a extra 9/10% crit dmg depending on what runes i use i can net any ware from 21% to 45% crit dmg with out investing in my crit dmg trait.

Any way how much condition dmg is enough for a rifle warrior to use and if ther any tip to make my build better over all feel free to let me know.