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Elementalists have four attunements... should other classes have four weapon sets?

20 September 2011 - 09:38 AM


Note: before you read this and to avoid flaming me for no reason, please keep in mind that this is in no way a complaint. I trust Anet with every decision they take, but I am just trying to better understand it.

I was wondering, since elementalists have four attunements which are drastically different (functionality wise) from one another, do you think the other classes should get four weapon sets instead of the two they currently have?
When I say this, I mean four sets in land, and four underwater.

I know it adds to the tactic component of the game and so, but I find it a bit... unbalanced perhaps? that eles have such versatility, as in access to all those vastly different attunements, while the other classes only have two weapon sets in combat (which may limit the number of roles they can embody during a fight, compared to eles).

Again, I am not talking about the actual number of skills (I do not think that the more skills the better, not at all), but rather the fact that eles get four different play styles during a fight while other classes get two (ok except for engineers with their sets/belts/etc.).

What do you think?