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Guild Wars 2 February Update

06 February 2013 - 11:18 PM


Looking for Guild - PVP (EU)

05 November 2012 - 01:06 PM


I am currently looking for a guild.

I'm from Germany. 22 years old. I speak really good english so it doesn't really matter if you're from the UK or GER.

Don't have that much free time though...

Working, School, Friends, Girlfriend and other activitys occupy some of my time so I can't be online everyday.

But since i am really competetive that should not be that much of a problem.

2001 - Played Rainbow Six: Raven Shield (FPS) for a couple of years - ranked 2nd (On clanbase)

2004 ? - I think thats when Battlefield 2 was released. Played that pretty long. Top 50 on the leaderboards as a Medic. followed by Battlefield 2142.

Then I think i started playing WoW very competetivly ( which was a big mistake since pvp really sucks) - had an arena score of 1900. On a PvE server... :(

Started playing Killzone 2 after that where i ranked in the top 5 as a snipers and was in the top 50 in the global leaderboards.

Was in the top 20 in Battlefield Bad Company 2

Then I started to take a little brake to focus on my job and other things and now I am playing GW2 and not planning on leaving anytime soon.

Played GW  - and GW2 is a huge leap in pvp.

Bought the game like 4 days ago and it's easy for me to learn new things. Really like playing Warrior (Played it in GW and WoW)

I know i played a lot of FPS games, but I just wanted to prove my point that I am competitive when I start playing a game. But i don't wish to devote my life in to the game since I have other interests. Currently i would say I am an O.K player - I def. have potential.

I only pvp. Not that much of a pve-er, but planning on finishing the story some time.. whenever.

If you're interested - hit me up.