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Krewe for Daily 20

27 November 2012 - 07:42 PM


I'm not sure which sub-forum to post this in, or if it is even tolerated on this site.  Apologies in advance if this post is not kosher.

What I'm looking for is a small group of people that would like to run the FotM level 20 every* day together for the bonus chest.  A consistent group of people that don't have the guilds or friends (or patience in map chat) to make this happen.

Also, for people who have a similar schedule of playtime.

My proposition;
every* day from 8:30pm PST to form a group, meet in an LA overflow, and knock out the Daily 20.

I'm Tank/DPS Guardian.

I'll take whatever is available, but I'd love to have; 1 mesmer, 1 war/guard,

My name in game is;  Kenjamin  

Please whisper me, or post your interest here.

*every = regularly.  I know IRL comes first and we all have other stuff to do sometimes.  But if this time (8pm-ish PST) works for you on most cases, that would be great!