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In Topic: Can i level from 1-80 100% crafting easily?

11 December 2012 - 06:11 PM

You sure can, though the cost of doing so would be out of reach for anyone who's just started the game. Recently I levelled a character 50 levels with crafting, for 5 crafts, so it's definitely possible, 8 of them would be 80. It really is just the cost, it doesn't take long, if you prepare and find a guide for them in advance you would probably take approx. 30 mins each craft (You can do artificing in under 10 minutes.)

In Topic: Looking for friend in game

01 December 2012 - 03:30 AM

Welcome to Guild Wars 2, hopefully you'll enjoy it more than the end of your time at SWTOR. There's a HUUUGE amount of PvE to explore, and a PvE/PvP mix up in WvWvW if you felt like venturing into that too. Also a Thief born and bred, so if you have any questions about it fire away and I'll try my best to answer.

I play on EU servers (changes every week) so probably won't see you in game, but feel free to add me to your friends list, as far as I'm aware there are no server restrictions on that
IGN: Isbaluna

In Topic: Need help picking a class!

27 November 2012 - 03:26 PM

Like everyone above has said, any class can DPS if given the right build.
Rather than looking at the DPS/survivability of each class, because realistically they can be moulded to whatever you want, look at their "special" abilities. For example Thieves have stealth, Necros have Death Shroud, Elementalists have their attunements so on so forth, and see which one of those you prefer the most, that seperates the classes more than anything in my opinion.

In Topic: Would you ever have reason not to rez someone after fight?

26 November 2012 - 04:06 PM

There are a few occasions where I won't bother to rez someone;
A. In the middle of a fight you rez slower, and you yourself are vulnerable. If the guy on the ground is getting bombarded with AOEs I'm not guna go near it, it's pointless to even try. Though if it is in PvE I'll just whack a Shadow Refuge on top of em and give em a rev, in fact sometimes it even works in PvP. If they are fully downed however it takes far too long to revive them whilst in combat, so chances are I won't bother.
B. I've been laying downed next to a PC whilst watching them auto attack a monster to death, I die and use the waypoint and come back to the DE (this is Claw of Jormag elemental stage by the way). Moments later the aforementioned PC is downed nearby, mist forms next to me and starts asking for help. I think not.
C. Last and certainly not least, recently in the Fractals with a PUG, come up to the Dredge Mining Suit boss. One guy clearly has no idea what he's doing, despite everyone explaining it several times, he keeps the boss still, allowing him to heal and also repeatedly dying. After the boss had already taken twice as long as it should I think the sudden realisation to leave the guy dead for good came over the whole group (we did revive him after the boss was dead however, just nice like that.)

Basically if it's going to inconvenience me, I know you wouldn't do the same for me, or ... well if you are already inconveniencing me then don't expect a rev. Other than that when I see a player go down expect me to dodge over to them, stealth the pair of us (though normally wasted by the AA spam from the downed PC) and get that lil guy back on his feet.

EDIT: Whole post pointless didn't see the "after fight bit". Yeah if the person's annoyed me already I wouldn't rev them. If not I see no reason not to.

In Topic: Thinking of upgrading my computer, how will this run GW2? & help with cur...

08 November 2012 - 01:26 AM

View PostZerk2012, on 08 November 2012 - 12:33 AM, said:

That is the worst advise I have ever heard that PC is not made to run a game and really not this one a 610 video card really?

If it truly is THE worst advice you've ever heard then you obviously haven't communicated much with others before.
And I'm sort of computer illiterate, so you're going to have to forgive me for not knowing much about what component of a PC causes a game not to run well. My laptop runs on low settings with low shaders at 39 FPS, switch shaders to high and it's 38 FPS. Admittedly just because it worked for me doesn't mean it'll work for Kirra, but I'm offering a suggestion from first hand experience.

Edit : Oh and honestly I have no idea what shaders do, other than they make graphics look yum.