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#2137512 So it seems a lot of naughty boys and girls got one last gift from Santa this...

Posted DuskWolf on 07 January 2013 - 11:40 PM


#2085645 Ascended Items

Posted BlackBoxx on 18 November 2012 - 05:46 AM

Way to miss the point completely.  RPGs are not about making numbers grow indefinitely.  They are about making choices as a character, whether that be through dialog options, improvised reactions to a hypothetical situation (the only form you even bothered to address and assumed it was my entire point), or choosing abilities, stats, gear, what have you.  For most people, role-playing refers to the last set.  This is why JRPGs are even considered RPGs at all.  They usually give you no input on anything other than what skills and gear your characters get, but that's enough.

So, getting gear, allocating stats, selecting your skills, that stuff is considered role-playing.  We clear now?  MMORPGs are about doing those things with, and let me slow down here so you can catch up............ many other people.  What part of that says you must continually gain higher stats?  It's certainly a viable option, and has proven to be profitable when done right.  It is not a requirement.  It's the status quo.

By the way, there were not just a "few" GW1 players.  It sold roughly 5 million units.  Granted, that does not mean 5 million players, but it does mean it was a success.  There was absolutely no reason GW1's philosophy could not translate to a true MMO.  Clunky combat?  Fewer skills?  Poorly implemented dungeons?  All of that could be fixed in time.  A new tier with improved stats can't simply be taken out without causing even more frustration.

I must repeat something I said in another post in this thread.  No one is complaining about adding new gear, new dungeons or new events.  That's more content that everyone could at least support being added, even if individual players were not interested in participation or acquisition.  No one is opposed to progression either.  GW1 survived for years with horizontal progression.  Contrary to what you may believe, it is a real thing.  It simply means giving more options to the player without making them more powerful.  ANet could have made ascended gear with different stat allocations, but kept them within the current exotic budgets.  But no, they decided to just pump up the numbers.  So, despite being told that we could farm up our preferred set and be done for as long as the game is live, three months into the game, we are told we now have to get an entirely new set.  THIS DID NOT HAVE TO BE THE CASE!

I have not lost touch with reality, you pickle noticing paint sniffer (I like to keep things PG on the internet, but I assure you, I can come up with much better face-to-face).  In fact, I'd say you need to get that tunnel vision of yours checked out.  You see one aspect of MMO's and assume that's all there is.  You see one aspect of RPGs and assume that's all there is.  Your reality is far too tiny for you to be commenting on others' perception of it.