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#2064002 Is Amazing [AMAZ] - FA - Looking For Amazing People

Posted Archguru on 06 November 2012 - 02:07 AM

Who We Are:

Is Amazing was founded in early 2011 on DC Universe Online. We expanded to GW2 at launch in 2012. We are a small group of players who enjoys playing all facets of the game. We are adult gamers with lots of MMO experience. We still have jobs and families and life outside of the game, but we are serious gamers.

Our focus has always been on bringing together a cool group of people who elevate the enjoyment of any game we choose to play. We choose community over clique and humor over drama. We are invested in being the best we can be at all modes of play that we encounter, PvE or PvP. Most of us are online frequently and play most aspects of the game. We put a lot of work into achievments, pvp, and pve.

We are on Fort Aspenwood. We have been here since beta and are committed to long term advancement and expansions.

Who We Are Looking For:

The people that would fit in well with us would be the following:
- People who are active in game and play several nights per week
- People who love PvP, Raiding/Dungeons, and character development in general
- Mature and friendly people who can be civil on voicechat and respectful in game
- Tactically minded people who enjoy teamwork and understand basic MMO roles and cooperative play
- People who enjoy a challenge and don’t get frustrated easily if things aren’t going well
- People who are dedicated to a main character, and plan to use that character in our league
- People who are willing to participate in, and be active in voice chat. (We prefer Mumble)
- All applicants are considered on a 1 person basis. We have no interest in league mergers or applications that are contingent on more than one person getting in.

We are currently looking to maintain ~10 – 20 players. This may eventually include spots on dungeon teams, sPvP, tPvP, and WvW teams.

We set a static schedule for the following:

GW2 – Tuesday nights – 10PM-12AM EST (7PM-9PM PST)
Formal Pickup Night – Sunday nights – 10PM-12AM EST (7PM-9PM PST)

Other nights are done on a casual pickup basis.

We are interested in low maintenance people who are looking to be part of something bigger. We will not tolerate drama, nor will we tolerate people who like to troll or boast or start antagonizing others over versus or shout channels.

People who fit well in our league are very selfless and are willing to run content multiple times for others’ benefit. We strive to have a level of excellence in what we do, and we hope the members of our league reflect that ideal…after all, once you’re in the whole world will know that your character is AMAZING!

So if you are on FA and want a solid, competent group of people to run with who actually play and participate, please look us up at http://www.fortressofamazitude.com or pm the following officers in-game:

Bären Nordfist