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I need some help... are necromancers really this weak?

19 January 2013 - 02:47 PM

Hello everyone.

I really need some help playing my necromancer low level. Right now Im using minions, staff, and scepter dagger. I just feel like the necromancer is so incredibly weak that I cant fight mobs like I can on my ranger.

Im low level (only 16) but in diessa lowlands a wolf and his summoned allies will kill me sometimes and I could barely do my personal story quest that I was supposed to be the correct level for. Maybe its that I just suck at playing necro and in reality thats probably it, but I need some ideas, tricks, and tips to help me feel like I can actually do damage and stay alive with my necro. I really like him and think hes cool but I just dont play him that often because of this.

Can anyone understand what I mean? or do I need to re-clarify?