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Why are there so many people on these forums who have quit?

05 December 2012 - 03:59 PM

Ok so to start I'm still an active player on GW2.

I haven't played a load of MMOs but of the ones I've played I really like it. I like the little bit of grind that there is in the game and I like to poitter around a little playing PvP, WvWvW and also PvE.

I really like using forums to discuss games and I get why there are posts with people complaining (because that just MMOS)

What I dont get is why people who have apparently quit the game keep popping up to complain about the game, tell us why they have quit and suggest others do the same?

Why the obsession with making others quit?

I for one will be staying. It's not perfect but it's not dead either.

Okay so that said - commence flaiming and explaining why it's not a good game/how I'm a n00b and various other points!

In addition to this - those of us who are still enjoying the game and are planning on staying - remain strong and ignore the gum flapping of the quitters. They will eventually go away I hope.