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The Problem with Alts

22 November 2012 - 01:23 AM

When I start an alt at this game, I pretty much felt 'done' by level 30ish.
Elite slot I wanted unlocked. Barring any bad picks on utility, most of the utility slots are filled with what I considered 'good picks'

Then I start picturing myself running the same dungeons I've done with my main, gearing this alt with the skins I want. Imagining what sort of build and gears I'd need to clear the content over and over.

Reality kicks in and I usually just concluded 'I'm done with this guy'. Log off, character select, go back to main for dungeons / World v World until I'm bored.

Do you face the same issue?

Dual Pistol DPS - Dungeon

09 November 2012 - 06:09 AM

Which build is better?

Firearms & Alchemy 25 Gadget 20


Explosive 10 & Firearms / Alchemy / Gadget 20

in terms of sustained dps when in dungeons?
Regular dungeon team I run with has Guardian, Ranger, Mesmer and one random PUG.

I'm assuming Rampager / Carrion pieces would be fine, right?
There's just so much condition to toss out that Condition damage would be worth while to invest on.

Thanks for the help. Currently level 60+ and still picking which sets to wear.
I am dead set on using Rune of Lyssa though for the no wasted set bonus. That Elite condition removal and boons will make a good emergency button as well.