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#2078723 Linsey Murdock Unveils New High End Ascended Gear

Posted Majic on 14 November 2012 - 10:38 AM

Agony And Gloom

View PostShayne Hawke, on 13 November 2012 - 04:26 AM, said:

[*]There will be a new monster condition called "Agony", which is where the new infusion slots come into play.
[*]Players must "infuse" to protect against this deadly new ailment.

This appears to be functionally identical to the LOTRO Radiance system, which was used to gate high-end dungeons. Without the necessary Radiance gear, some content was effectively unplayable, in the same way described by ArenaNet.

Replace the LOTRO term "Gloom" with "Agony", and there's no meaningful difference between them. Just as in LOTRO, gear is being used to gate high-end content and exclude players who don't have it.

Despite LOTRO being a game based heavily on grinding, in which level caps are periodically raised and players' expensive legendary items become obsolete in the process, Turbine abandoned the Radiance system a year and a half ago after realizing it was a huge mistake. Even players who had spent immense amounts of time grinding for Radiance gear were, by and large, happy to see the system removed. It has not been missed.

The use of special gear to exclude players from content runs in diametric opposition to the philosophies expressed by Eric Flannum and Colin Johanseon in this video. Then there's the Guild Wars 2 Design Manifesto:

Guild Wars 2 Design Manifesto said:

So much of traditional MMO combat is rote and repetitive. You execute the same strategy over and over again, just augmented over time with better and better gear. After a while it starts to feel like you’re playing a spreadsheet.

Do tell.

After five years of playing LOTRO, which is very much a "traditional MMO", I left it all behind to play GW2 and consider GW2 to be superior in virtually every way. Yet here we are seeing a game feature being introduced which even a "traditional MMO" considered to be too much of a grind and a bad idea in the end.

It's like an unwanted, hand-me-down mechanic being shoehorned into an otherwise innovative and forward-thinking game. Did ArenaNet not know about this? Are they going to have to learn a lesson Turbine already learned the hard way well over a year before GW2 launched? Why are we only hearing about this now, from a company which purports to base so many key decisions on "player feedback"?

Why didn't they ask me?

I don't want to go back to LOTRO, and I really would rather ArenaNet not bring LOTRO back to me.