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In Topic: Favorite mesmer runes for WvW? (and maybe sigils too?)

11 December 2012 - 07:19 AM

Depends on my build I play, I have different sets of armor.

Shattercat with Runes of Air
Knights Gear with Runes of the Centaur
Bunker Build with Runes of Water, Earth and Monk
Regen Bunker with Dwayna

Sigils also depend
Staff has Sigil of Energy
Other weapons use: Fire, Air, Corruption, Force, sometimes Rage (quickness is a really good buff)

But all the setups depend on which build you play and HOW you play the build (aggressive, defensive, passive)

In Topic: Highest BURST ever Made by this Mesmer! Whats yours?! 16k one shot ^^

27 November 2012 - 07:48 AM

We could also talk about some other profession-skills, not only the ones from thieves. Thieves are called OP so fast, because they can do a lot of their burst, without being seen before. That makes it easy to pull out for them and hard to counter.

But what about Killshot or Eviscerate from Warriors?
Yesterday I got an 11k Eviscerate from a Warrior. Besides of ranting about it, what do you mesmers do against these things?
I was wearing Berserker's Gear, so little to no defensive Stats
11k of 16k HP is a lot
In WvW it's relatively easy for a Warrior to gain Adrenaline Rank 3
So he was leaping at me, while I was standing between our guards, twohitting me and backed off unharmed.
It was not a 1vs1, I tried to keep 5 men away from our door. But I only got damage from the warrior. I was waving back and forth, playing with my safety and harming them.
Any ideas how I'd have come out of such big hits. Doesn't matter if it were a Thief, Warrior, Longbow-Ranger. Anything with big hits, while I'm backing off of them.
Maybe the thoughts and experiences from other mesmers can help me up with such situations
edit: Input from the big hit classes is appreciated as well :)

In Topic: Highest BURST ever Made by this Mesmer! Whats yours?! 16k one shot ^^

22 November 2012 - 11:59 AM

You're not so wrong Majigor...people tend to not look "behind the stage"...Thieves used to one-shot people with old signet up + Might buffed...you needed to do something before, it wasn't just pressing one button. Although for a thief it was really easy to "prepare" this compared to a mesmer.
As a mesmer you need your clones up, they have to survive until they shatter. Things which are counterable. If you meet a mesmer like osicat, they do it so fast, it's hard to counter/react. But that's okay. That's just skilled for me.
Not so skilled mesmers may have a hard time getting their clones into a group for the Big Bang Shatter.

Thieves are still hitting hard, and can outplay anyone, if they are skilled.
But before the Signet-Nerf it was just: preparing far away - jump in - kill - jump out. There was a little too small timeframe to react and counter that. Maybe it was more a problem with the stealth mechanics, than with the raw damage

In Topic: Mesmer Patch Changes

22 November 2012 - 08:16 AM

You really don't get the point, why most mesmers are complaining now.

It's not the point, that they can't shoot their zerkers behind a wall anymore. That HAD to be fixed. No one's complaining about that. Some just would like to see some kind of AoE-Spell, they can use in a siege...I don't care about this, really.

The problem is that the coding is just messed up. And most of us want to see this thing just fixed. It's just one more bug, while lots of our bugs are just ignored since release. Some just fear, that it would sum up from patch to patch, until the class is broken as hell.

It's the fact, that one single toe-high stoney, lying between your enemy and you on flat plains, can give you obstructed message. A thing you can't adapt to, because you just simply don't see it.
It's just unreliable, because there is no situation, where you can say for sure, that it will give you the message or it won't.

It's like autoattacking and some hits do damage and some hits just don't, and you can't tell why or why not...

In Topic: WTF with Mesmer nerfbat

21 November 2012 - 01:50 PM

Adashio, nothing more to say here :)

Mesmer is a class, you really have to understand to play it for a winning. And there are a few out there, who took mesmer since the betas and have a real passion for this class. The balance for this understanding and the knowledge is. Your enemy has to fully understand the Mesmer to beat him.
People nowadays don't think about this...it's always the fault of everyone around them, when they lose. There's some kind of mentality ongoing like "I am a uberprogamer and there is no possibility that anyone can defeat me. Everyone who beats me MUST be nerfed". They just go on and complain until they got, what they want. Valid arguments for them are "I have over xxxx hours played and equip yyy. I know what to do (and I DON'T EVER make mistakes)"
The problem is, a good player keeps being a good player. He adapts to the nerfbat and finds other ways, to beat the crap out of the self-announced Gods.
They can go on and complain until the Mesmer is deleted from the game and maybe then they are on the receiving end, because someone else's cry was louder than theirs.

What goes around, comes around