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will my psu and MB handle this new graphics card ?

06 October 2013 - 11:59 PM

Hello thank you for taking the tim to read this, my old card died on me 2 days ago and I was told it can't be fixed so I am in need of a new one and I got my eyes on the gigabyte gtx 770  2GB  OC
and am not sure if its gonna play nice with my rig so here is the info I can attach photos of everything and thier boxes if needed (also i have a ram related problem that alot of supposdly good ppl failed in fixing )

Mb : gigabyte EP45T-UD3LR DDR 3 2200+
Psu OCZ (OCZ GXS850) total power 850   this is where I can't figure out the deal
Ram 2x 2gb Kingston pc3  (and 1 more exactly like em sitting on the desk , read below for my ram problem)
Proc quad core  12 cashe  2.24 (not sure the exact nom on  it maybe be higher thane 2.2)

Old dead gpu  GEFORCE GTS 250  if it helps

Ram problem :
When I 1st built the rig I bought 4x 2gb sticks  but 10 to 30 mins after playing heavy Games I get blue screen of death ppl who built this pc for me didn't know where the problem is . We tried changing the mb thinking it was faulty but it didn't work either so I returned 1 of the sticks and it worked fine for about amonth then it happened again I starting digging around and ended up removing 1 of them. Keep in mind that whichever is removed fix the problem so I ruled out that 1 of them might be faulty. And I have been running smooth for 2 years now but if am fixing stuff up might as well see if I can put that ram back in

Thank you again for reading this keep in mind that I am typing from a phone and English isn't my 1st lang  good bless continues input :)