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#2071692 Deciding a Desktop configuration for Gaming and programming

Posted Quaker on 10 November 2012 - 05:43 PM

I don't see any advantage to using old i7-870 or 920 parts to build a new machine. I'd stick with the first config (i5-3450).

With regards to the first config:

- CoolerMaster is a well known company with a reputation to protect. If the power supply that comes with the case is an actual CM choice (not added by a retailer later) then it may be a bit overrated and/or inefficient, but it should work well enough. The only time you might run into problems is during gaming sessions at high graphics settings, resolution, and frame rates, in which case, reducing settings would fix things until you got a better PSU. In pretty much any other situation, the PSU should be fine.
Do you know any details about the PSU? How much does the case + PSU cost?
(That case is available in Canada at less than $40 after rebate, without a PSU)

- for a graphics card, you could consider a GTX-660 (non Ti). It performs on a par with the the HD7850. Check prices.