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In Topic: Interview with GW2 Dungeon Designer Robert Hrouda by Guild Wars Insider

05 March 2013 - 07:01 PM

I believe this was more directed at the offical forums rather then GW2Guru. I'm pretty sure most would agree that any official forum for a game is not a good barometer by which to judge a game.

In Topic: Do MMO players demand too much?

23 January 2013 - 07:44 PM

Marketing writes cheques developers can't cash.

In Topic: When will GW2 get real PvP?

18 January 2013 - 06:36 PM

I followed GW2 development for about a year prior to it's release (I know some people followed for much longer). I'm not sure I ever read anything where they stated there would be more modes other than Conquest & WvW (correct me if I'm wrong).

It seems a lot of the complaints about the current system are for modes that were never mentioned as being part of GW2 PvP in the first place.

In Topic: When will GW2 get real PvP?

17 January 2013 - 09:45 PM

1. People who like GW2 PvP: Stay and help grow the community.
2. People who dislike GW2 PvP: Leave.

In Topic: Who misses Nicholas the Traveler?

17 January 2013 - 05:27 PM

The man's been dead for almost 250 years. Let the old man rest in peace :)