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Idea for 5+ Player Dungeon(s)

10 November 2012 - 10:05 PM

I've been thinking of how it might be possible to incorporate more than 5 players into the current style of Guild Wars 2 dungeons and came up with the following:

- 3 groups of 5 players each (number of groups doesn't really matter).
- Each group of 5 needs to progress down a separate path in the dungeon parallel to the other groups (fighting trash mobs, solving puzzles killing bosses etc...). Once the first group initiates their path a timer starts for all groups.
- Each group of 5 converges at a single point at the end of each path in front of a door to the final boss' room.
- After a certain amount of time the door to the boss' room closes which effectively prevents a slow group progressing through a path from engaging the boss.
- If all three groups don't make it in time for the final boss they won't be able to muster enough DPS to finish him off and complete the dungeon (or maybe 2/3 groups of very talented players could do the final boss for some special achievement).

I was just trying to think of a way to incorporate slightly larger scale PvE content for guilds to run without it becoming a giant zerg fest. Not really looking to change the game or add raids just wondering how the community would react to something like this?