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In Topic: The New Mesmer Meta

25 April 2014 - 08:59 PM

I'm not going to waste my time replying to you anymore (other than this post, obviously) because your grasp of game mechanics, ignorance of anything other than pug tactics, and inability to type coherently or use reason do not justify discussion.

In Topic: The New Mesmer Meta

25 April 2014 - 04:43 AM

View Postmaster21, on 24 April 2014 - 10:34 PM, said:

I could say in short.
You build makes mesmer useless  for fractals.
Does it make mesmer as a class bad there? No, only makes your build suck even more.

As long answer.
Wall of reflection as better reflect? Really? Are you serius? Narrow wall with time cast for which I need to move to cast it in proper place?
Feedback is just instant, block everything from outside and inside great spell
Add to it focus skills. You can't be serious if you think that in reflect guardian wins. (your build loose, but only because it's stupid build)

Bloomhunger (because phantasm survive there long), dredge, grawl shaman, asura fractal are fractals with a lot of things to reflect. Mesmer beats guardian there always.
1. WoR uptime is lower,
2. Guardian can't use reflect from distance, at start
3. Feedback and warden has higher radius or working which gives more space if you want to reflect and deal damage.

Add to it all those stealth whatever and boon stripping. You can have all damage on the world, but null field + sword will delete protection from dredge -> 33% reduction is gone.

Argument about phantasm dying is just a pure LOL. Because they die (but they still half of your source of damage) you just ignored them as a whole (assasin gear + strange traits + long cd) to get ... 8% damage buff for direct damage and you even have balls to call it a "meta build".

I honestly have to wonder when you say "build" if you bothered to read or actually look at anything, because I have 4 trait variations laid out that do different things.

If everyone is spread out ranging and running around, then yeah, I could see how you probably wouldn't like Wall of Reflection. Wall of Reflection barely has any cast time, it's not enough for it to matter, and you shouldn't be casting it at a point that is too late anyways. If the small delay in cast actually matters to you or the people you play with to make it big enough to complain about, there are other things you need to be evaluating. You can also stand inside of Wall of Reflect and block everything from all directions, and this isn't some advanced concept or hidden secret. I honestly have to even wonder if you are trolling or not, because your arguments are stupid and your sentences are so incoherent and grammatically flawed.

Guardian taking Wall of Reflect and Shield of the Avenger has plenty of up time on reflects for Bloomhunger. Again, do you play with bad Guardians? Do you realize that you barely have to reflect anything if you just move behind Bloomhunger and avoid red circles? Do you also realize that Phantasms stay in predominately one location and will die to AoE if Bloomhunger spins around? Do you also realize that you can swap Consecrated Ground with Master of Consecrations, get an extra Wall of Reflect, and then swap back before getting in combat and have a second WoR ready to go? Again, if you are meleeing, placing it at range doesn't matter. If you are spread out running around behind trees, you have other problems that are immediately more apparent. Feedback and Warden, again, don't matter if you are all standing in the same relative location and there is a source of reflection relative to where the projectiles are coming from (for example, Wall of Reflect). You should also take into consideration Shield of the Avenger.

Stealth? Thief is obviously better. If you want to waste your elite skill and take Mass Invisibility, again, you have bigger problems. Torch? Thief is better by far. Thief outclasses all of Mesmer's stealth, and also brings Blinds for things that aren't Dredge and has Smokescreen which blinds and blocks projectiles and works extremely well while Guardian's reflects are on cooldown. Do you also realize that the Protection the Dredge apply is reapplied almost immediately after it is removed? Boon Stripping is worthless on them.

You can feel free to test out my Phantasm argument. Target a mob, summon a Phantasm, kill the mob, and watch the Phantasm die. Now, consider Fractals, where you are primarily fighting groups of mobs, and when the one that your Phantasm targets dies, RIP that Phantasm. Let's also consider cleave. Phantasms die to it very easily, and again, groups of mobs. Can you get them on a fairly short cooldown? Sure. Will they still die just as quickly? Yup. Thank you, though, for pointing out how dependent on Phantasms Mesmer is for damage, and if you actually look at the practicality of my arguments, maybe you'll start to realize how bad the class is in Fractals (although I doubt you will).

You don't even understand the purpose of Empowering Mantras. 4-16% damage on a single reflect nuke (IE Lupicus) is massive, and I doubt you really realize how big of a difference it makes. Blowing Lupicus up in a convenient manner is really the only place Mesmer is "good" anymore. So in reality, the best meta build for Mesmer is to play a Guardian instead.

In Topic: The New Mesmer Meta

24 April 2014 - 05:22 PM

Did you account for Bloodlust and Perception stacks, Jerem?

In Topic: The New Mesmer Meta

24 April 2014 - 02:33 AM

Thief with Headshot is all the interrupt you need in Fractals. Mesmer is not worth taking in Fractals if something more valuable can be brought along, and pretty much everything aside from Necro and Engi are more valuable in Fractals than Mesmer is. I'm well aware of what Mesmer is capable of, it's just literally knocked off the board by Guardian. If you don't have a Guardian, then by all means bring a Mesmer, but it's honestly not worth doing the opposite.

In Topic: The New Mesmer Meta

23 April 2014 - 11:02 PM

View PostKratosAngel, on 23 April 2014 - 08:37 PM, said:

I dont think it's true, almost 100% sure ranger is still way behind ...

You are incorrect.

View Postmaster21, on 23 April 2014 - 09:33 PM, said:

It's still very good class for fractals and there "your" meta builds are just not optimal.

We all know that mesmers was always not about damage but about gimmick. Strangly you pushed the meta into some "full dps" state in which you pretty much made some poor man dps class, this build isn't even max dps in common scenario of normal dungeon with even arah involved. And assasin gear. You pretty much nerfed damage of every phantasm (aside from lack of traits) just to get more crit chance for reflect.

Call it mesmer LUPI build, call it "arah build", but not a new meta. If you want to call this a meta first you need to set whole gw2 content, whole gameplay, whole pve to the single fight - lupi.

It's not a good class for Fractals. Phantasms die after their target dies, making Phantasms pretty worthless for trash mobs. Mesmer reflects and projectile negation are outclassed by Guardian reflects in Fractals, not to mention Guardian brings Blinds, Blocks, superior Condition Removal, Fire Fields, permanent Protection, CC for mobs, superior personal DPS, etc. The meta is based on how fast you can kill things and move on. There's no point to linger when you don't need to linger, and taking a Mesmer increases time spent in dungeons and Fractals in most cases. Assassin's gear is necessary if you aren't stacking Perception and if you take Scholar Runes, which are the superior option. Considering you can't double stack anymore, stacking becomes longer and there is less inclination to do it, not to mention that the current method that is preferred for stacking could potentially be removed from the game later on.

Phantasms are not a consistent source of damage in any circumstance, it doesn't matter how short of a cooldown you have them on. They die to AoE, cleave from mobs, and suicide on their own after their target dies (like I've already mentioned). Mesmers tend to deal most of their damage through reflects and Phantasms, and like I've said plenty of times, Phantasms are not consistent. That really leaves reflects, where again, they are outclassed by Guardian (you can even skip phase 3 of Lupicus with Wall of Reflect, it's just easier with Mesmer). Mesmer has slowly fallen down to the point where it is now, and it's not a "good" class anymore. Can you carry bad pugs with it because of its decent condition removal and good up time on reflection? Yes, you can. Engineers also happens to be good in pugs because they can stack decent amounts of Might and can keep ~100% up time on 25 stacks of Vulnerability by themselves. This does not mean that Engineer or Mesmer are good classes for speedrunning. Anet ruined them by moving Empowering Mantras to Domination. They would still be fine if you could run something similar to the old 0/30/0/25/15 build. You might also want to do something as simple as looking into when this thread was created and seeing that the title hasn't changed since then.