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In Topic: What is the most challenging jumping puzzle ?

20 September 2013 - 07:14 PM


Not so Secret  maybe for length and complexity, too many spots where a mistake will take you to a WP (dead) or doing over a large section of it.

Spekk's Lab   for timey wimey platforms that could be troublesome to the non-fleeter

Scavenger's Cavern  for not knowing where all the lights are, it could take you awhile.. time well spent here.  Plus a bad jump could make you go swmming back to the start.

Griffonrook run   one screw up and not fast enough = no chest.

Obs sanctum only for the fact that entire servers could keep you from advancing and raising that repair bill.

I have done all these but only making a point that these puzzles are a bit unique between them all and all of it's uniqueness is what makes them difficult.

In Topic: New AP reward system working great (in my opinion)

25 July 2013 - 01:14 PM

View PostCaptain Bulldozer, on 17 July 2013 - 04:34 PM, said:

Yep, lots of free stuff.  That being said, you get what you pay for ;) I certainly didn't need more boosters when I already have a storage full of stuff like that that I don't use.  The gold, gems, acct bonuses and armor sets are great though.  I would have rather seen things like black lion keys, but whatever.

This is kinda funny, because you complain about not wanting any more boosters and stuff, yet want keys instead which would give you even more boosters and stuff.

In Topic: My Thoughts On Temp Content.

19 July 2013 - 04:52 PM

View PostDeConstruct, on 18 July 2013 - 09:32 PM, said:

To bring it around back on topic I think it would help to simply make the living story content permanently available. People who like the gem store content associated with the living story strive for some sort of recognition aside from personal satisfaction. Right now they can only say "look, I've been there, done this bit of the living story" and all people who havent can only really say is "alright then." To them the gemstore content at best breaks immersion. Imagine a completely vanilla GW2 and adding Aetherblade gear exclusively for some people on top of it. It doesn't mesh, it doesn't work outside of the context it was placed in, and will be met with shrugs. A year from now someone who quit the game comes back and thinks WTF happened here. All colors of the rainbow are here but the game I'm playing is black and white. The next patch adds a shade of green for two weeks though.

Seems like you're not playing GW2 today?

That example you just stated was changed a week+ ago, with the Kite fortunes they have, there is nothing you had to buy from the Gem Store to get content from it.  The Quartz node, the Beer game, the Zephyr mini video, Celestial recipes and Quartz.  Those are permanent now.

I would again compare this to what a real life would be, holidays come during the holiday, miss it you lose.  If an event is running 100% up, it doesn't make sense.  It would be like Kite baskets, holos, appearing while Wintersday gifts are appearing.. how would that work?!  And if you're relating to Dungeons or events, that wouldn't work either, since the Aetherblades Dungeon shouldn't exist if the Mai caputre has taken place.  You get pacing issues and continutiy goes out the window... that's why most of that additional stuff is kept to an expansion or kept forever because replacing it or exisitng along other things doesn't make sense.

What would LA be if the Karka invasion was taking place every freaking Sunday... LA would be a ghost town till Monday came around....

That's why the JP Aetherblade is still open, because there are still sky pirates around, and the goggles too for the achievement.  Varous other JPs were placed, guild missions set, new stat combos introduced.

If people leave and come back, they would have missed living story, this is an MMO again.. be there or be squared away.  This rewards the constant playerbase, this rewards an active community which GW2 needs, this rewards the gem store for access on those that want to use it.

I would say most are acting like the 3yr old never touching broccoli before and saying they hate it.. then they keep whining about broccoli when they are adults because they never liked it as a kid.  Time changes, good and bad, and we're too early to get a real judgement if Living Story will flop or not.

I'd say give it to the end of the year, or at least through summer before we find if this non expansion living story is a success, and regular expansions don't work.

Honestly I'd equate this Living Story as time limited DLC that we get for free, with the potential to have some of it permenant.  This is what an MMO should be... stuff changing all the time, some of it stays, some of it goes, it's an event to witness, and not something to be retold over and over again.  Players are unique, and stay unique, not everyone has everything all the time.  Memories are made, not replayed.

In Topic: My Thoughts On Temp Content.

18 July 2013 - 08:33 PM

View PostDeConstruct, on 18 July 2013 - 05:49 PM, said:

I see this post as a giant strawman argument really. It's okay because other games do it, it's okay because you can ignore things you dont like, and so on. Yet in the end you want people to do things just for the sake of doing them, without any intrinsic or extrinsic reward. Your post is no more objective than you claim the others aren't.

So to conclude not only CAN Arenanet "give you that carrot that's long enough to satisfy you", they SHOULD.

Exactly and I couldn't agree any more with that point.

As far as comparing GW2 and PS+, they are different, but i see what you're trying to get at.  But you're putting a cost where there isn't any.  I know plenty of people who haven't spent a dime and just turned gold to gems their entire lives without any additional cost, they are reaping the benefits of a living story... much like comparing Xbox live and the better PSN, they are able to do multiplayer for free.  Sorta like GW2, experiencing the living story and it's Temp and Perm content while paying just the price to buy the game.

GW2 can be compared, but unless its on the same model, it's still quite different.  I would take, say PSN over PS+, as in you had to buy a PS3 to get the PSN.

And I'd still stand against saying Arenanet should create a treadmill for those that want it.  No Grind please.  I don't mind a closed system that provides an illusion of an open system.  Horizontal progression versus up up and more up.

View PostCalypso589, on 18 July 2013 - 07:37 PM, said:

So I really don't understand all the negative feedback.

What was there that ISN'T coming back do you actually miss?

New areas maybe?  Dungeons could be expanded too, but people clamoring about areas to expand on, can be done through Living story.  Karaland is one.  grant it nobody liked it, but I'd ask what more would you want....?  Expansion? because we could get that still, we're at the infant level here of this 4 mega team project.

View PostDeConstruct, on 18 July 2013 - 07:49 PM, said:

Ironically you've perfectly outlined the strategy for a successful F2P MMO by your explanation of the PS+ strategy, and it explains exactly why I've made that link instead of simply another MMO. Take

and simply change:

Arenanet isnt anywhere near using up all of their gains, let alone eating up costs in order to get more gem store revenue. They create no foundation for people to buy gem store content. They implement tons of gem store crap loosely related to 30mins of temporary content. They need to create lasting value for the customer so the customer is inclined to build upon that with gem store purchases.

And the only way that would work is if you 1) Push content like crazy and  dilute that lasting value of community  or 2) Develop Living Story to keep players playing actively similar to a Summer Camp, except year round.

In Topic: My Thoughts On Temp Content.

17 July 2013 - 03:17 PM

TLDR: No game will satisfy everyone at everything. And there are even more worse games out there.

It's too temporary <> it's not changing fast enough.
I want all the skins <> cox boxes
No end game <> dynamic end game present (2 week cycles)
No Lore/story <> over arching story relating to one LS segment to the next.  READ and pay ATTENTION to npcs

GW1 Factions didn't come out till a year later, and even then people complained about it being too short, since some were able to beat the campaign in 6 hours.  Your time to equivalent "finish" doesn't equal other peoples time to play the game.  It doesn't matter that it takes you 1 hour to finish the meta event and all  achievements, when you reference DULFY....

The cox boxes, stupid name, purely your inability to ignore it, gambling problem? call 1800-bets-off.  They changed up the recent RNG with scraps (OMG, could they be listening?)  that add up to get an item, it's not a factor of IF you get it, is WHEN you get it.  this is probably the balance that most would want.  Either pay or not pay, but if you not pay you'll have to do something to get it.  Sure it's not "skill" worthy, but they introduced some into  achievements too, like the Quartz node and Mini Zephyr movie thingy.

Since it's B2P, the core of the game doesn't change, neither did GW1.  They want that Zhaitan story as complete as possible.  The Intro to LS had barely taken off, they are only in their first set of 2 week rotations, being SouthSun & F/F a couple of learning steps.  I think it might be too early to see what we can get out of this for free.

They have added  permanent through updates from Living Story and events.  I counted 24 permanent details from releases here. Plus all the other additions to recipes, JPs, and  achievements. I think they can easily introduce new and permanent items, characters, maps, races through Living Story.  It may be that we will want to look at this in 6 months instead of judging it right from the first set.

Really the main issue seems to be personal opinion to time spent.  If you're one to quickly finish a single player game on a recent console in less than 2 hours, that you spent $60, you would probably hate the game, not enough content.  Same for MMOs, if you're hardly logged in because you burned through it all, won't explore other areas, PVP, or WvW or other races/classes, then you  ultimately  hit your own finish line and Arenanet can't give you that carrot that's long enough to satisfy you.  They tried that with FOTM, and are now focusing on keeping your 2 second attention spans with Living Story, to satisfy even the casuals that most of you pawn away from.

There are legitimate concerns on topics that were discussed in this thread, but to the ones that delve into personal opinion and blaming it on the game is a bit futile.  Arenanet does listen and will adapt.  Yes NCsoft sucks, and companies make money as one of their goals so it's business as usual for most of their cox boxes.  This would be no different than with any other company.  They are not a charity group, you are not on the Make-a-Wish game.

As for my opinion, I hate the RNG with a passion, I have the extreme in bad luck... I've fought every battle and came out a loser when it comes to RNG, so the new addition to the "Cox Box" is warranted and nice, I approve.  I think having temporary stuff is logical, else you get like gifts, holos, and halloween doors appearing in the world at the same time.  Yes yes, holidays and what not, but if you consider every living story being a holiday, then you'll easily adjust your acceptance at the "fly by the seat of your pants", with the 2 week long meta.

If you're not exploring the world with 8 characters, skinning and crafting and doing everything at 100%, then there is always something to do.  If you've already said, 1 character is enough, or already put an  artificial ending to your game, than nothing can be done to motivate you to play more.  Burn outs are a bad thing, pace to make peace with the game, and you'll find that you've had a better hour to dollar value to your playtime.