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NA TPvP Guild Recruiting

11 February 2013 - 02:28 AM

The Crimson Night Pirates [Slay] recruiting members for daily TPvP. We are new and are looking for any roles besides a thief because we already have one. The only requirements are simply being active from 11PM-1AM EST and having ventrillo.

If you're interested plz pm or mail: Vence.6974

[NA] tpvp/spvp team LF 4th and 5th!

17 November 2012 - 01:32 AM

The Crimson Night Pirates (Slay) is a [NA] a spvp/tpvp guild LF a 4th and 5th member, preferably a necro and an elementalist. We start daily at 11 PM (EST),  and we use ventrillo. Therefore, the req. are that you can log in during that time and capable of using vent.

All in all, if you're interested, plz PM or email me: Vence.6974


[NA] New Spvp/Tpvp Guild LF Members

11 November 2012 - 01:28 AM

A New [NA] Spvp/Tpvp Guild, The Crimson Night Pirates (Slay), recruiting new members for active participation in Free and Paid Tournaments. The only requirements are that you have Ventrillo and can log in around 11:00 PM [EST] daily. We are in the Sea of Sorrows server. Preferably, we are looking for a mesmer, necro, and/or a ranger. If you can role other proffesions that's a plus.

All in all, if you're interestd in joining, plz PM or mail: Vence.6974


Sea of Sorrows, NA