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Self Targeting

24 January 2013 - 08:43 AM

In guildwars 1, hitting F would self target yourself showing your name, title, guild. This was necessary because there were skills that would cast to whoever you had targeted. In GW2, since there is no person specific targeting skills, this isnt really that neccesary.

I really liked this though. In GW2 when you click on someone else, it shows a neat little picture, there title, guild, etc. I WANNA SEE MYSELF AS THAT. I grinded years in gw1 for GWAMM and your dang right I looked at my title whenever i got the chance. It was my for my own satisfaction. I dont care if others see it. But now only others can see. Before i finished 100% map I didnt know what the star beside someones name was for. I just assumed something for WvW. I finished map completion and a while later someone asked what my star meant. I HAVE A STAR????? I WANNA SEE MY STAR!!! I was so happy when i realized I could display my GWAMM title in gw2. I WANNA SEE IT. But the only thing I have is the knowledge that it is there.

Anyone else think being about to target yourself would be neat?

Cheaper storage

13 January 2013 - 02:23 AM

I dont know if this is already well known but I was going to put this out there in case someone did not know. A friend of mine gave me this insight. 600 gems for 30 slots in your storage is quite a bit. Why not 4g for 50 slots. Create your own guild with only you in it and buy about 2000 influence. Its 2g per 1000 influence with Drinks on the City. Queue up your guild bank and when its done, you have your own personal storage with that guild of yours.

MAKE SURE YOU ARE REPRESENTING the guild you want the influence in. I made this mistake and wasted 4g. Of course it went to help out the bigger guild I was in but it was a little dissapointing.

Enjoy if you did not already know this.