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Why better gear is a must

14 November 2012 - 11:51 PM

Let me start this by saying that I LOVE Guild Wars 2 but noticed how lacking its content is after just one week of playing! Everyone I've encountered so far has always told me how bored they are of doing various activities for nothing because every piece of gear is effectively the same. All players want is for their characters to become stronger and stronger.

That's why the gear treadmill is the absolutely best way to keep players playing your game! Everyone wants to be up to par with or even better than everyone else. It not only ensures a game's playerbase to have a constant goal to reach but also shows them how they measure up to others.

Everyone having the exact same power plateau forever will only cause players to get bored quickly and simply stop playing. Constant content updates with newer, better gear to obtain is mandatory for every single MMORPG. This is what Blizzard understood and why their MMO is commonly regarded as the best MMO in terms of content, gameplay and game design.

Skins alone aren't worth putting hours and hours into a game if those come with the same attributes of an item you already own! It's cheap, lazy game design and shows a lack of effort in developing new content. ArenaNet quickly realized this and is now correcting a grave mistake that cost them a lot of potential players.

Bottom line is, MMORPGs MUST have a constant gear treadmill and a gear gating system in order to keep people motivated and playing. Look at every other MMO currently out there, every single one has a gear treadmill simply because it is absolutely necessary to have!

To everyone currently upset about this: deal with it! This is what us players want and what we get. If you don't like it, this game isn't for you.

I hope ArenaNet will see how much players actually love this kind of design and continue developing more and more content with better and better gear for us to get!

Thank you very much for reading.