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Single Target DPS Build?

25 November 2012 - 01:03 PM


I usually play the well known nade/rifle power build in dungeons, WvW and it - of course - works like a charm for AoE dps.
I now need a single target DPS build, since I want to farm one specific kind of mob and have no idea, what to pick.

Would you help me out and share your experiences?
Or should I roll another class for single mob farming - a thief for example?

I plan on farming for Charged Lodestones, since I want to farm my weapon myself, instead of buying the materials.

I'd like to have no down times, medium to high mobility (movement and attack speed wise, in order to tag mobs being killed by others) and the highest possible damage output, in order to maximize my kill rate/hour.

Thanks in advance!

Warrior or Guardian Twink - Hammer only!

22 November 2012 - 09:10 AM


currently I am playing my Engineer only, but I am too bored of her right now; that's why I want to start a twink.

I want to definitely play with a Hammer as my main Weapon - I don't care too much about the other weapons.
I play 80% PvE (Dungeons, exploring, etc.); 18% WvW in small to medium sized groups and 2% in WvW zergs.
Sadly, I enjoy both professions but i have no idea, which profession is more effective with a hammer.

The warrior's Knockdown and stuff don't seem to be effective in dungeons, since most bosses are immune to knockdown and knockbacks - if I remember right.
Never played a Guardian with a Hammer though, so I have no idea about their skills.


Long story short: Which class contributes best to a dungeon group?
I don't take DE farming capabilities or AoE tagging into consideration - just plain effectiveness in dungeons is what I care about.
Additionally I am fine with playing/speccing towards tank, dps or heal.

Thanks in advance!