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#2203688 Help choosing the right class!

Posted Xunlai Agent on 19 May 2013 - 03:24 PM

View PostElysen, on 19 May 2013 - 12:00 PM, said:

God dammit people, stop suggesting Rangers in their current state.

Ranged combat is bad, just bad. Learn to love melee.

Play anything that isn't a Ranger or a Necro.

#2202733 Zhaitan: The Body Found

Posted lolevy on 16 May 2013 - 09:35 PM

Finally, after months of questioning the fate of the Elder Undead Dragon, I've found Zhaitan's body!

After killing the Elder Dragon (with sparkle cannons =P), my party and I decided to check-off skydiving over Orr from our Things-To-Do-After-Level-80 List. Well, amazingly, we all forgot our parachutes on the ship and fell tragically to our deaths.

We found we ended up where our first gunship had fallen, still running along with various other Pact soldiers (who we hope weren't ghosts @_@) Fortunately, I brought a revive orb and thus we began our exploration, or so we thought. Unfortunately though, I was the only one not stuck with the ship (curse those invisible walls!) so I had to venture alone. From this point it was all just empty space and swimming in nothingness for a long while which I will not bore you with a thorough retelling of.

After long periods of swimming and moving around invisible walls, I found Zhaitan! Here are the screens =3
(The dead elder dragon!)
Posted Image

(Mee and muh buddae, Zhaitan. Say Hi Zhaitan!)
Posted Image

(First Person to Touch an Elder Dragon ^^)
Posted Image

(Mystery Cloud! O_O)
Posted Image

EDIT: Forgot to also mention, found Zhaitan's tails that were cut/beamed off which actually led me to Zhaitan, so I guess those are also included in the model.

#2200491 What is each classes "Job" in a dungeon?

Posted GuanglaiKangyi on 10 May 2013 - 02:01 AM

The fact that no one ever mentions how engineers are pretty much the undisputed gods of stacking literally every condition and buff on their allies while still pumping out high DPS makes me sad.

To be fair, most of the engineers I see in pug groups clearly have no idea what they're doing.

#2200106 So what is with these CoF Elitist Mentality?

Posted Xunlai Agent on 08 May 2013 - 11:31 PM

View PostEon Lilu, on 08 May 2013 - 11:29 PM, said:

You can believe whatever you like, people are doing it and have done it for months so it is possible...
Go through the numbers that Elysen posted above. Nikephoros and others worked out the exact amount on the official forums, again you are not making 15-20 gold an hour. By the way, could you make a video of yourself running CoF in around six minutes in Scavenger gear? I still don't believe you.

#2200071 What is each classes "Job" in a dungeon?

Posted Strife025 on 08 May 2013 - 10:36 PM

View PostKichwas, on 08 May 2013 - 10:06 PM, said:

The zerker-DPS as the perfect efficient method mantra starts to break down when you look at the larger game.

You will notice these people tend to stick to a very narrow scope of the game: a single path of CoF, and that's about it.
- One dungeon is "broken" in such a way that you can glitch, fly past, or speed skill its content and not have to worry about surviving.

This does not mean that this is the best way to run the game, it means this crowd has found the best way to do one repetative task. Like the person on an assembly line conveyor belt who turns a wrench on a car part 700 times per day exactly 3 cranks clockwise...
- That person cannot reasonably speak for how the whole factory runs.

These streamlined DPS only zerker builds start to break down when out of their comfort zone. Its one thing to have one zerker in a group, but when you get more, it gets pretty painful for the group. And when you get a whole pack of them, that is when you start seeing things like silly forum posts complaining Cursed Shore is too hard or lowbie event veterans and champions are impossible...
- Because these folks fail to realize their one-trick-pony is not ideal when faced with challenging a second trick.

That mantra breaks down if you're a bad player.

Since personally run dungeons/fractals every day in organized groups, and have been since November, with 4/5 and sometimes 5/5 berserker dps specced classes, I can say that everything you said is false.

See I don't throw out baseless assumptions, I prove and educate people on how to do things. Since I have proved and continue to prove/improve on strategies, tactics, and general speed run times I 100% know that you are incorrect.

#2198816 Showoff your Legendary!

Posted Trei on 06 May 2013 - 04:51 AM

I'd love to but I can't show off my legendary.
I'll get permanently banned for posting indecent pics :P haha .

#2197372 Rangers Out DPS Warriors?

Posted Strife025 on 01 May 2013 - 04:41 PM

View PostGuanglaiKangyi, on 01 May 2013 - 04:22 PM, said:

Yet more "Please stop making me look bad, I'm going to hide behind the videos" bullshit.  I've yet to see anyone take Strife seriously, primarily because he constantly spews about "optimization" and "high level play" when he's also made it clear that he's not a very good player.  When he isn't playing high-HP-and-armor auto-attack warrior, he's an AH guardian baby, of all things.  And apparently that build took him thousands of hours to figure out.

Keep in mind that we're not arguing that rangers need to range, or anything like that.  No one disputes rangers are better at range.  All you're really arguing is that maybe rangers aren't as much better in some limited subset of situations.  Otherwise, it's not like there's still any reason to take a ranger over multiple warriors.

This is quite simple.  Give me one good reason why I should take a second warrior over a ranger.  A good reason, not "rangers are hard to play".

lol yep, you're making me look bad by saying you need to range easily meleeable mobs that die faster by meleeing them if you have any skill.

While yes, rangers are better then warrior at ranged, melee warriors are better then ranged rangers. And since all but 2 bosses you named actually need to be partially ranged, it proves that warriors are better for almost every situation when you consider every dungeon and fractal in the game.

It's laughable you think a melee dps warrior and a ranged dps ranger are equally good anywhere outside of maybe <5 bosses in the game, and considering dungeons have other aspects besides one boss that makes rangers inferior, taking a ranger for one boss in the first place still makes the entire dungeon slower.

And you somehow think you can beat my kill times with 5 people ranging instead of 5 people meleeing lol. I just offered 100g. Use some of it to buy some friends and make a video. If I can't post a faster time in 1 week, there you go, free 100g for maybe 1 hour worth of work.

#2197225 Rangers Out DPS Warriors?

Posted Strife025 on 01 May 2013 - 07:58 AM

View PostGuanglaiKangyi, on 01 May 2013 - 07:34 AM, said:

The new story dungeon boss, for one.  I tried meleeing him today and i was spending literally half the fight just chasing after him, or just not being able to get close because of walls of fire being left behind by the guy who is Ornstein.

Offhand, you also want to range Grawl Shaman, both of the dredge fractal bosses, Captain Ashym, Frost, Giganticus, the one golem in the Asura fractal, both swamp fractal bosses, Howling King, etc..  List goes on a while.

We full melee'd the living story dungeon bosses tonight. I'll be making a guide in the next few days.

Grawl Shaman only the guardians need to,

I agree on dredge fractal bosses just because of the mechanic, but I always burst in melee for 5s and it only takes us 3 pulls to kill them at fotm 30s, and maybe 4-5 pulls at fotm 40s.

Captain Ashym is only for the last ~30% of his health. With 5 melee and timewarp, you can get him to about 30% before backing out to range, and with 2 warriors using banner elite and popping up NPCs after each agony flame AoE, he doesn't last much longer.

Frost we never range other then the one person with agro (usually guardian) dodging out during his ice breath while the other 4 melee behind him.

I'm not sure why you would even say Giganticus because with all the solos and speed kill videos it's pretty obvious you don't.

Asura golem? lol

If you are ranging Bloomhunger you are doing it wrong, you can melee solo him at fotm 48. Mossman you don't need to before fotm 40, and after that you only need to partially range while a few cooldowns are coming up.

Howling King don't need to, etc. the list doesn't go on.

The fact that I have guides for pretty much every boss you listed with most of them in full melee shows you don't really know how to speed run dungeons.

I'd post a bunch of vids but anyone can just find them easily from my playlists:

The only ones that are kind of outdated for showing melee methods are mossman which we now full melee with one anchor hammer guardian and proper reflect/aegis rotations and the other 4 standing behind him, and then the shaman video where the warriors didn't really melee.
All the rest disprove you assumption that you NEED to range and show how to properly speed kill.

So outside of Dredge bosses and second phase of Ashym, I would say everything you posted is wrong. Probably the only thing you didn't list that I ranged was SE path 2 final boss, but it's been ages since I did that.

#2195124 [TheoryCrafting] Rangers out DPS Warriors

Posted Strife025 on 24 April 2013 - 05:31 PM

This thread basically proves how underwhelming rangers are in dungeons for a dps role. Even on paper, they do less dps then a dps warrior and almost half of that dps comes from an annoying pet.

And obviously in a real scenerio, the warrior is better for party buffs, functional dps, better cleave dps, better burst dps, and the fact they don't have a stupid pet that doesn't cleave and dies to AoE or screws up fights like GL.

#2191749 Most rewarding profession when played right?

Posted Korra on 15 April 2013 - 01:11 PM

Ppl saying this game has a high skill and depth are completly hilarious.

View Postheatrr, on 15 April 2013 - 12:22 PM, said:

Glass cannon Mesmer in dungeons and WvW
Glass cannon Guardian
Glass Cannon Warrior

In that order.

Are you actually saying GC mesmer is hard to play? wow #gurucommunity

#2177926 Rare vs. exotic MF gear.

Posted Nikephoros on 11 March 2013 - 11:18 PM

It all depends on how much of a drain on your friends you want to be.