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In Topic: Questions about Ranger viability.

08 October 2013 - 06:28 PM

View PostGalphar, on 08 October 2013 - 12:07 AM, said:

And how much longer will a "Speed Run" take if I'm using LB/SB and not GS? 5 maybe 10 minutes? If you know how to run the dungeon and know your profession it shouldn't be a big deal. "Speed Runs" are the reason I haven't touched a dungeon since my guild stopped logging on. It's the Elitism that goes on that keeps me out. I don't log in to play your way, I log in to have fun.

Enjoy having fun alone then, it is THAT simple. Personally, I will not allow a bearbow in my party, speedrun or not, and I know 75% of GW2 players will agree. If you want to be "the special kid" go find a party entirely composed of other special kids like you and see what you will get.

In Topic: Show off your warrior playing technique

06 October 2013 - 06:33 PM

No offense at all, but you are showing off nothing except a general warrior facerolling low level content. It teaches new players nothing (if not how NOT to play), and will absolutely never impress experienced players. I repeat I am not trying to offend you, I just can't find the point of this topic! If it's for showing everyone how proud you are of your freshly 80ed warrior, brutally clicking to death some sons of svanir, then at least I'd have an idea about the meaning of it all. If not, I am completely lost.

In Topic: Questions about Ranger viability.

06 October 2013 - 06:27 PM

View PostVeron, on 06 October 2013 - 06:09 PM, said:

The problem with answers to questions about "viability" is that people throw that word around without there being a universal idea of what that word means.

The OP asks if "impossible to play a Ranged Ranger in any Explorable Modes or Fractals". The answer is a resounding no. You can take any class you want in Explorable Modes and reasonable levels of Fractals (I'd say at least through the 30s), using any build you want. You might not be doing as much DPS as your full potential, but as long as your group understands basic game mechanics like dodging and important dungeon-specific mechanics, you will probably get through it fine. It may not be fast and it may not be smooth, but it's certainly not anywhere near impossible.

Now, typical responses you see talk about ranged weapons being unviable, condition builds being unviable, everything other than mainhand sword being unviable, etc. These people have a very narrow range of what they consider "viable" at the very top of the DPS spectrum. The fact is that mainhand sword is the highest DPS ranger weapon right now, and if having maximum DPS is what you care about, you really don't have any other choices. However, this only matters if you want to be optimal. The OP is right about this really only mattering for things like speed runs, where you are trying to get through the dungeon as fast as humanly possible.

Obviously, there will be a spectrum of DPS across which different builds lie. Mainhand sword will be on top. There are a bunch of other builds which will be on the low end. (SB + A/WH is probably on the lower end.) Objectively, it's obviously better to have more DPS, and there are plenty of pretty basic rules of thumb like melee weapons having higher DPS than ranged weapons and direct damage builds being better than condition builds. In the end, though, you are playing this game for fun, and you have to decide how much DPS you are willing to trade off for doing what you want. If you are not running the optimal DPS meta build with S/WH, you can still get dungeons done fine, but just don't expect to join speedrun groups.

I play ranger as my main. I have dungeon master and a fractal level in the 30s. Personally, I hate mainhand sword, so I run with GS+LB. I do plenty of dungeons on a daily basis, and we get through quickly with a minimum of hiccups. I have a friend who wears tanky Melandru armor and runs A/WH+LB, and he gets through dungeons fine too. Obviously we're not going to get through nearly as fast as optimized speedrun groups, but that doesn't really matter to me.

Yet another "peace and love and bring random builds" post... But this time it is different! You claim to be at fractal level 30, and I can even believe you simply because you specified you play a GS/LB ranger. You may or may not know it, but GS is like the second best weapon for ranger at the moment, so even if it's not the best choice for speedrun it still allows you to get some rewards. Now, since you told us about that friend of yours too... Let us know how he does in level 20+ fractals with his A/WH, I really am curious. Or ask him what happens if he finds a party for CM path 3 wich is not perfectly built! I bet the answer will be a simple: he cannot do both. This means unviable to me.

In Topic: Questions about Ranger viability.

06 October 2013 - 01:49 PM

Ranger is totally viable, but a RANGED ranger is not (even if it sounds strange). You can have a longbow as a burst weapon, but you have to swap back to your sword after barrage, hunter's shot and rapid fire or else you'd be losing A LOT on dps. Pets aren't a problem, they hit hard and they do not die so often if you know how to manage them! Sword/WH ranger is one of the best DPS classes out there, but you have no other build choice. That's it :\

In Topic: Viability of Rifle and Hammer in PvE?

04 October 2013 - 04:46 PM

View PostCraywulf, on 03 October 2013 - 11:40 PM, said:

Kicking someone out because you don't like THEIR choice of weapon is poor sport. If you can't handle the the hammer in dungeons then perhaps you should be kicking yourself out so the rest of the party can enjoy the game. AND it's not up to you to decide whether your party members will enjoy a hammer warrior or not. You're right that it might take longer and more difficult to get through a dungeon, but taking longer and more difficult method is not a wrong way to play and it shouldn't be frowned upon. The hammer warrior shouldn't be insulted or belittled for choosing a weapon of THEIR CHOICE. Players are not drones or NPCs. They are not there to serve your efficiency-dependent needs. In other words don't use your personal issues with the hammer to piss all over someone else's idea of fun. Kick yourself off the team.

What you wrote makes no sense, for this simple reason: I FORM THE TEAM, I DECIDE. If I setup for a speedrun clear as I usually do, you are no one and cannot force me to get you with me in my speedrun setup. I WILL instakick any hammer warrior in ANY speedrun setup. Deal with it, and if you really want to play a sub-par build, then you should be the one looking for the "special kid's party where everything is good", not me. You can even play naked with only an offhand sword, if you really enjoy that over being a great damage-dealing warrior (???), but do not tell me I should kick myself out of my own team instead of you, because this is totally idiotic.