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Gear Build theory

20 November 2012 - 04:24 PM

Hi guys, I come here with a, may be ,noob or stupid doubt, How do you select your gear and runes stats  based on your build?, there is a lot of build theory, posts of build, like condition mesmer or stuff like that, but no one touch the armor stats, how do you know what stats take and what leave behind, what stats are keys? like for example: power or toughness even if your build didnt touch that stat, is good to have all the 6 peaces with the same stats? or is ok to mix its?. I just want some tips because is easy try a build, you only pay some cooper coins and change it, try it, and that's it. But with gear is harder because you don't farm craft materials or dungeons emblems to buy a armor in just a couple of minutes. i appreciate all the help you can give me