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#2360741 The Blazbluemancer (Chronomancer builds for PvE)

Posted GuanglaiKangyi on 25 October 2015 - 07:17 PM

Expect to see a lot of Blazblue memes out of me with regard to this class for the next few years.

Just getting this out there while I experiment with minmaxing.  Bit hard to say atm what will be best for raids but it works pretty well for fractals.


Quickway variant: http://gw2skills.net...KDQ3 DkCwEZWA-e

DPS variant: http://gw2skills.net...q zZKBJFgJysA-e

Condi variant: http://gw2skills.net...lfSfKAIFwi6qA-e

See below for alternative rune choices.  

Quickway Spec:

This build is based primarily on support (your personal DPS is super low) by giving everyone else near you 100% quickness uptime, as well as a bunch of might and other stuff.  The gist of it is basically to use scepter auto (which is faster thanks to quickness) to generate clones to shatter rapidly, stacking a ton of quickness from Seize the Moment, then spreading that to allies using Signet of Inspiration (both from the phantasm and the utility).  Note the following:

- Leadership runes are oppressively hard to get right now.  You can either take Traveler/Water for +20% boon duration or use Chronomancer runes to get extra stacks from wells to make up for shorter boons overall.  I recommend the latter since it makes switching to DPS spec on the fly a lot easier.
- Commander armor makes keeping 100% quickness up more lenient but isn't required.  If you don't want to make a whole another set, you can keep your Berserker set.  At minimum you will want either a compatible armor stat or runes, you don't need both.  If you want to have one set that works for both Quickway and DPS, I'd go with Berserker set and Chronomancer runes.
- You should treat your phantasms as a second SoI.  In other words, don't summon them on cooldown (except to get your initial 3 clones up for your Blazblue: Continuum Shift burst) but only summon them after you've got a fresh stack of quickness from a shatter or well burst.
- Don't use Time Warp.  Quickness caps at 10 stacks so the 1s stacks won't add anything on top of what you'll already be copying to allies.

DPS Spec:

This is the general purpose one.  For this, you won't be shattering on cooldown but rather keeping up 3 DPS phantasms (Swordsman and Duelist) while shattering occasionally for extra damage and alacrity stacking.

- If you want to also sometimes run Quickway, I recommend you take Chronomancer runes on your Berserker set so you don't need a whole second set for the Quickway build.  While Scholar/Ranger is technically more DPS while fully buffed, in most cases the extra quickness from casting wells more than makes up the difference, as you won't have 100% quickness just from what you use yourself.  As an added bonus, the extra quickness stacks can be copied using SoI for a bigger overall stack of quickness than with Time Warp.
- Don't shatter on cooldown.  You should only shatter if you know that you can immediately resummon back to 3 phantasms.  This isn't super hard thanks to Chronophantasma, so I generally recommend you just hold the shatter unless you have both Swordsman and Duelist ready.  As long as you have at least one Chronophantasmized phantasm left, you'll always be able to get back up to 3 instantly.

Condi spec:

Better for high fractals and ranged only fights.

- You will need a separate set of gear from the above, unfortunately.
- Comes out pretty close overall to Rabid, so that is also an option if you feel like you are going down a bit too fast (i.e. in some raid fights).
- Best ranged DPS option.  While total damage from 3x zerk phantasms + you attacking with sword is higher than you'll get with this, damage from 3x condi duelists + you attacking on staff is better than anything you'll get on zerk, making it better for worldbosses with big health sinks and/or fights where you need to range a lot, like Thaumanova boss.

Other utility stuff:

Phantasmal Disenchanter: This phantasm got buffed a ton.  It attacks super fast now meaning it wipes conditions and boons super fast.  Pretty good in Fractals to prevent mobs from staying on 25 might and you on 25 of every condition.

Phantasmal Defender: The secret is out, this phantasm is actually pretty broken.  The 95% damage reduction buff to minions applies to the damage the Defender absorbs from allies.  In other words, if you get hit for 20k, the Defender will absorb 10k but only actually take 500 damage.  Lul.  It's like permaprot but better.

Feedback: Duh.