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Wardens of Fallcrest looking for a dedicated PvP members

15 July 2013 - 03:40 AM


[WoF] is newish NA tPvP group dedicated to getting a strong and dedicated team together. We are accepting all classes and ranks at this point. What we need are individuals with good attitudes and a willingness to learn and work together. Mumble is required.

We need people who can be on nightly and devote a good portion of their night to work with us. We currently operate in EST and CST. We are fun and love to laugh and have a good time, but we also take tPvP seriously and want to get to the point where can enter professional tournaments. We are all rank 29-40, so we have some experience.

To apply please add anticaptcha.9821 or PhDusk.2590 so we can run a few games and get to know you :)

-WoF team

Sylvari are People Not Produce Recruiting!

02 February 2013 - 04:00 AM

[PETP] is a friendly, casual guild that is looking for active representing members on Maguuma. We love to run dungeons, and are looking for people who are willing to learn and  work with us. We have a vent that we all get on daily. We usually have weekly events such as "Drunken Dungeons" or WvW runs.

We are accepting anyone who is willing to be social and active. No dungeon experience required! We would prefer if you represent us on at least one toon.
You can pm me on this forum, or go here for our website. ( just got it up)

Also you can add me in game or whisper me in game at Phdusk

Thanks :D