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In Topic: [Guide] Wellomancer Build

17 January 2013 - 09:55 AM

Yeah it's focused on coditions but i've made wells my "silverbullet" to gain more chances to survive when solo with their damages and cures

In Topic: [Guide] Wellomancer Build

11 January 2013 - 11:52 AM

Hi everybody i was out for holidays now i'm back and keep testing my necro^^

here's the quickling to my build updated with new runes and sigils

i've also update my first thread so the quicklink in the first page have the right link too

In Topic: [Guide] Wellomancer Build

19 December 2012 - 02:58 PM

I reply on this post cause is a power build using wells...if i opened another thread someone will told me:"there is another post on necro wells...." so i prefer to reply here. i've started using the build of this thread and i found another way to play wells that's why i replied here

In Topic: [Guide] Wellomancer Build

19 December 2012 - 10:27 AM

hi guys, i've been playing necro in the past couple of weeks, i like the idea of using wells to make good AoE and the idea of spamming conditions using marks, so i decide to run this build:


I will explain my choices:
Primary weapon = staff, i love marks, they can do a lot of damage and spamming conditions, necrotic grasp is a little useless but i use it rarely...
Secondary weapon = scepter+dagger, more conditions with grasping dead and enfleebing blood i prefer start with mark so this become my secondary equip
Healing = i use consume conditions due to the self-conditions i put on myself, the better choice between the Healing skills i've.
Wells = the main idea on my build was to spam wells, they do a lot of damage their recharge fit with the rotation of my skills and they let me survive even between a large number of mobs...simply the best (IMHO)
Epidemic = the best way to spamming conditions around
Elite = i'm still not sure about this one: flesh golem or lich...both have pros and cons...i'm testing...

my rotation is
staff (2-3-4) --> scepter+dagger(2) --> wells --> s+d (5-4-3) epidemic --> ds (4)

TRAITS (0-20-20-30-0)
30pt on blood: my beloved wells can cure me??? o.O SOLD!^^  20pt are for -20% wells recharge and siphon on hit but when i tested with 30 i found i can survive for a very long time: i can make 2/3 skill rotations without die and mobs die pretty fast with bleeding+poison+wells damage
20pt on death: i don't like minor traits but with major i obtain staff skills recharge -20% and greater marks...i dunno if its better this or put 20 on spite to have marks do +10% dmg...testing but i think death is better
20pt on curses: in the beginning i used the trait to make wells ground targeting but i realize that was a non-optimal choice: when soloing the mobs keep running to me, i think that groundtargeting is great in dungeon/events if u are soloing no.so i put 20 on curses cause if i'm soloing i can use major VII to epidemic faster recharge, if i go on dg or event farm i can use IX to use wells ground targeting (in this case i swap epidemic with well of power for party support)

RUNES and SIGILIS: i'm trying with 5 nightmare + 1 undead and i find it good. i use armor with Condition/Precision/Toughness with rabid jewels. i'm still testing about sigils

I Hope you enjoy my build and i'm waiting for replies...hf

In Topic: What do you think is the least played class?

21 November 2012 - 10:49 AM

Engi's granades underwater are terrific ^^