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#2181440 Ouch my Everything: The 80% (potential) Amplified Damage Build, with Sustain,...

Posted Kitsune on 20 March 2013 - 06:38 AM

Ouch my Everything

So fun fact, did you know that with minimal help from your group, an Elementalist can receive an unmatched 111% bonus to damage, likely becoming the single highest melee damage dealer in the game?

All while providing constant self and ally healing over time, Blast Finishers, enabling lower-damage throttled Rangers and Mesmers to soar like other professions, and by providing a meager amount of control, especially against non-champions?

Here is the breakdown folks!

How To Play the Build


Love Thy Neighbor: Rangers and Mesmers


The Stats

Loaded on Power, Moderate Crit Chance, Huge Crit Damage, Moderate Condition duration


The Traits


The Gear

Only Exotics!


The Damage Amplification

Department of Corrections: Actually, damage sources are likely multiplicative, so in an ideal situation you are looking at over 70% damage normally, and over 100% when foe is <33% health.

"+76.49% when bolt to the heart is NOT adding damage...  111.79% when it is." - AzureRogue


The Sustain:

318 heal per second, roughly.


The Support:

So, Ranger and Mesmer, you want real damage weapon like the other kids? Here ya' go, champ! Blast Finishers and Blinds gallor!


The Control:


The Conclusion

I woke up earlier this evening after reading a post before I went to sleep, and I've always been interested in stacking damage amplification, which is how this guide was born!

I have not been able to extensively test this guide in dungeon groups yet, but I honestly do believe that with the right external support, nothing else in the entire game will deal as much damage over a fight, period.

Ideally, for this build to be the highest damage in the game, all it requires is your allies to maintain at least 1 stack of vulnerability, burning on the foe, while providing your 25 might stacks and fury. This SOUNDS like a heavy order, until you realize that several professions stack vulnerability on their auto-attacks, burning is highly common, and warriors / rangers are amazing Fury givers. AND you are supplying the Blast finishers, so if others supply a modest amount of Fire Fields, you are set.

Please test it out (with greens / yellows if you cant afford the full combination for gear) and let me know what you guys think!


Someone else did the math, ignoring self-might stacking, a Warrior's Axe is their highest damage per second option, while the Elementalist's Hammer does ever-so-slightly more damage in a given time frame. Couple that with all the damage multipliers from the Ele's traits, and they should pull out even further ahead in even a semi-coordinated group environment!

#1920601 Necromancer Dungeon Build(in-depth)

Posted Xyi on 12 September 2012 - 02:17 AM


Solo or World:(Different Utility slots and changed Trait slots)

Hey everyone, I'm Xyi. Some of you may know me from World of Warcraft. I played a Warlock and Death Knight for the majority of the 7 years I played WoW and now I've changed my focus to Guild Wars 2. I have been playing Necromancer and I've been doing as much as I can to be as beneficial as possible in dungeons, soloing, and small group play.

What this build offers:

This build is going to offer you a good talent spec, set of abilities, and stat choice to be great at everything whether you enjoy dungeons, doing dynamic events, or soloing. I'm focusing on Wells, AoE(area of effect), and great DoT(damage over time) with this setup. You are utilizing keeping protection up on everyone, giving them combo fields, applying weakness, and still providing good amounts of damage. Let this be your go to for everything as you won't have to bother spending money or time to respec to do dungeons or when you feel like soloing.

Weapon choices:

The reason I chose these weapons are they offer you the best damage output for single target and AoE damage. Scepter offers you great single target damage with stacking bleeds to output tons of damage over time. Staff is a great secondary choice because of the insane AoE damage it brings to the table. All of staff's abilities save Necrotic Grasp are "Marks". What this does it puts a "trap" on the ground. When an enemy walks over the Mark it triggers and does it's effect on the AoE inside the circle.

Scepter/Dagger OH~

Blood Curse(1): Your bread and butter, stacks up bleeds incredibly fast with your talents.

Grasping Dead(2): Does a slight amount of damage when cast, then applies a small bleed and slow. Great to use on a pack of mobs that are stacked up or if you're kiting a melee mob.

Feast of Corruption(3): This is your only real source of "burst" with this spec. Once you have a good stack of conditions, use this off cooldown for single target damage. Also creates some life force.

Deathly Swarm(4): Great self-utility spell, don't underestimate this. Small amount of damage, bounces to up to 3 targets, applies a blind, and most importantly transfers your conditions. This has a number of great uses. If you're immobilized and need to get away, have a stack of bleeds or burning on you, or if you're slowed you can cast this and immediately transfer it to what you cast it on. This can increase your damage by transferring the conditions on you or help you escape.

Enfeebling Blood(5): Great AoE ability that applies weakness and a significant bleed along with a small amount of damage when cast. Cast this when you're fighting one mob, a boss, or an AoE pack. Great damage output.


Necrotic Grasp(1): Does damage and creates life force. 20% Combo Finisher: Physical Projectile. Very self explanatory.

Mark of Blood(2): Applies regeneration to allies in the area, bleed to foes, and a small amount upfront damage. Great for AoE with a short cooldown.

Chillblains(3): Applies chilled, poison and a decent amount of upfront damage in an AoE. Also creates Combo Field: Poison.

Putrid Mark(4): This is the mark that does a considerable amount of upfront damage. This has Combo Finisher: Blast.

Reapers Mark(5): Does a small amount of damage and fears in an AoE. Use this if a pack of mobs are getting too close and you can't dodge away. You can also use this on a single veteran mob if you can't get away as well. If your front line is taking too much damage you can cast this to give them some breathing room or time for their heal to come back up. Great utility if used properly.

Slot Skills:


Well of Blood: This is great for dynamic events, dungeons, and small group play. It has great burst healing for yourself along with some added healing for the group. This will also provide Combo Field: Light.

Consume Conditions: Alternatively you can use this if you're playing solo as it has better burst healing for yourself. I also use this in dungeons that spam conditions(ex. Twilight Arbor).


Well of Suffering: Does great DoT in an AoE along with applying vulnerability to allow you and your group to do more damage. You'll want to use this on cooldown. This also has Combo Field: Dark.

Well of Darkness: This applies blind to all enemies in the circle every second for five seconds. Use this on cooldown especially on AoE packs.This has Combo Field: Dark. I recommend usually switching this out for solo play as well.

Well of Power: This will help your allies out by switching their conditions into boons. Great for dungeons. This has Combo Field: Dark. I recommend switching this out for solo play or in dungeons that don't apply a lot of conditions.

   Well of Corruption: Use this if the dungeon has mobs that apply boons to themselves. This will turn their boons into conditions.

   Epidemic: Use this for the best source of damage. This will copy all conditions on your target and spread them to enemies in a radius. This includes conditions applied by other players. You can essentially double all of your conditions in an AoE.

For Solo play I'll swap out Well of Darkness/Well of Power for Blood is Power and Epidemic.


Plague: Great utility overall. This elite spell will help out during AoE packs more than you'd believe. You can spam blind, build up bleeds, or weakness. If you pulled an extra pack or perhaps you're struggling with a pack using Plague and spamming blind while the rest of your group kills it can really make a pack easy.

Alternatively you can use Lich Form for better single target damage/bosses, easily able to swap this out.



You're going to want the 10 points in this because might affects your conditions. So after you get your conditions up you can go into DS and spam 1 to stack might.


This is needed for your damage output. Gives critical hits chance to apply bleed, increases bleed duration, and makes your wells ground target-able.You have the option change slot 11(XI) to 12(XII) if you want weakness on crits.

Death Magic~

This gives our wells the ability to cast protection to all allies in the AoE for 3 seconds. Alternatively you can use 20% staff reduction.

Blood Magic~

You have two choices for the first slot, you can choose the dagger cooldown(I) for more damage or casting Well of Blood on revive(IV). We also want this to make our wells have reduced cooldown by 20%(This includes our Well of Blood).


You're going to be looking to stack as much condition damage and precision as possible. This is going to make all of your conditions hit harder each tick. Precision increases your chance to critical strike which is very important to our build since 66% of the time we crit, we will apply a bleed.

Condition Damage > Precision > Power > Toughness > Vit > Crit Damage > Healing


You're going to look for condition damage, increased condition %, and precision as your main stats. As for weapon sigils you're going to want "Of Earth" for % chance to apply bleed on crit. I use "of Agony" in my off-hand but you can also use "of Corruption". I personally don't like the lose on down sigils since you can always die in dungeons.

Typical gameplay:

You're going to be using your wells to give utility to your group along with applying protection to as many people as possible. Protection duration increases if they already have the boon on so feel free to cast wells as much as possible. It's great for you to revive your fallen team as when you revive them you'll cast a Well of Blood which will heal you along with putting down your heal over time for everyone else including protection for 3s.

AoE rotation~

Drop your Well of Suffering, Grasping Dead(Scepter2), Enfeebling Blood(Dagger OH5), swap to Staff Mark of Blood(2), Chillblains(3), then Putrid Mark(4) . Using this all in the same area is going to be huge damage output. After the rotation cast Epidemic to double all of your conditions on everything. Swap to Death Shroud and cast Life Blast(1) to stack might while your conditions are rolling and Life Transfer(4) also does a good amount of AoE. After you can pop out and cast Mark of Blood(Staff2) and swap back to Scepter/Dagger and start the rotation again using Epidemic on cooldown. While you're locked into Scepter/Dagger use Feast of Corruption(3) on cooldown.

Single target~

Much easier. You can generally stay with your Scepter/Dagger combo for the whole fight. Drop your Well of Suffering, Grasping Dead(2),Enfeebling Blood(Dagger OH5), Feast of Corruption(3) then continue spamming Blood Curse(1) while abilities come off of cooldown with 3>5>2.

Your Combos:

Combo Fields are "starters" and if the finishers are cast inside of them your ability will get an extra ability automatically added into them. Other allies can benefit from your Combo Fields as well if they cast inside of them.

Combo Finishers~

Physical Projectile 20% from Necrotic Grasp(Staff1) and Blast from Putrid Mark(Staff4)

Combo Fields~

Light(Well of Blood): Blast will apply Retaliation in an area to allies and Physical Projectile will remove one condition.

Dark(Well of Suffering, Well of Power, Well of Darkness, Well of Corruption): Blast will inflict blindness and Physical Projectile will Life Steal.

Poison{Chillblains(Staff3)}: Blast will apply weakness in an area to foes and Physical Projectile will apply poison to your target.


I've been chain running Twilight Arbor explorer and this seems to work out the best giving you a great amount of damage and utility. I've tried to make this as in-depth as possible to help out the newer people or veterans that don't know all the tricks.
This is a great spec for people looking to have a huge impact in groups. This isn't going to be the most damage potential, however the utility you gain for the entire group is irreplaceable. Give it a try and I'm sure you'll enjoy it.

If you have any questions feel free to ask and I'll do my best to answer them. I'm always open to critique but I've played around with a lot of different traits/skills and this has provided the best results.

#2029647 A Comprehensive Look at the Flamethrower (And Elixir Gun)

Posted Phineas Poe on 19 October 2012 - 03:11 PM

Okay, so I did some number crunching this morning determining the difference in damage output between a 0/30/0/30/10 build, a 0/30/0/25/15 build, and a 0/30/0/20/20 build. The results surprised me.

On Cursed Shore, I pulled 10 different Plaguebearers with each build. I would kill 5 with Elixir B, and 5 without. If Elixir B's 75% HP effect activated, I would throw those test results out. The interesting factoid is that, numbers aside, every build killed each Plaguebearer in roughly the same amount of time: 4-5 blasts (plus Burn proc). In fact, and to make a long story short: the critical damage bonus from Tools basically cancels out any loss of damage by not having ECM/HGH.

For a 20/20 split, on average, Flame Jet would put out 1588 damage. There was no relative increase in output by drinking Elixir B, though by doing so I did reach my highest mark with this build of 1880.

For a 30/10 split, on average, Flame Jet would put out 1598 damage. I feel like this build was the most dynamic, as with Elixir B, Flame Jet would reach as high as 1969 as well as low as 1368. To be honest with you, I felt like crit chance was a higher factor of damage output than Elixir B, but more extensive testing could answer for this.

For a 25/15 split, on average, Flame Jet would put out 1613 damage. This build seemed to benefit most from Elixir B, with the lowest value reaching 1632 with it. The highest? 2062. In fact, Elixir B alone elevates the average damage of Flame Jet to 1760.

While this exercise was interesting, and the 25/15 split that gives both Inertial Converter and ECM sounds like, in theory, to be the best build in terms of damage output, I think more than anything it's obvious that it really, honestly, does not matter. With each build, they all took the same amount of time to kill monsters. And though it's possible that I'm running off too small a small sample size, I doubt, even if I killed 100 monsters with each build, the results would come out that different. We are not talking about a significant difference in damage here, with any build. But it seems indicative to me that the 25/15 split benefits best from Elixir B.

I am also, more importantly, coming to the conclusion that ECM does not grant a 7% increase in damage from seven stacks of Might. Going off this experience, as well as running a 30/30 Firearms/Alchemy build in the past, I believe it's 1% per Boon, and not per Boon stack.

#2026872 A Comprehensive Look at the Flamethrower (And Elixir Gun)

Posted Phineas Poe on 18 October 2012 - 05:43 AM

Just a formal notice: I'm no longer maintaining this build.

The flamethrower hasn't really been a viable option in PvE for quite a while now, and I was hoping the balance patch would have something in store for it. Unfortunately as things stand currently, I just can't in good conscience recommend running it over the bomb kit or grenade kit anymore.

Thank you to everyone who helped trying to make the best of it. I'll be focusing my efforts elsewhere.

If you'd like to see what I'm currently running, you can find it right here:

Hey all. This is Phineas Poe from Sanctum of Rall’s Ethereal Guardians [EG]. Though many of you are likely already familiar, the purpose behind this thread is to provide a comprehensive guide to using the Flamethrower and Elixir Gun in Guild Wars 2. If you have any additional questions about the FT/EG that is not addressed here, please do not hesitate to comment in this thread, send me a PM on Guru, or whisper/mail me directly at Phineas Poe.3018 in-game.





Weapon Choice


Insignia, Runes, Sigils