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In Topic: Strangest Reason for Guild Kick

05 February 2013 - 11:51 PM

Only guild I can remember getting kicked from was a WoW guild in Cataclysm. Why I was kicked, I'm not 100% sure, but I was essentially martyred from it.

My guild at the time ran two seperate 10 mans and wanted to get enough players to do 25 man, despite that many of the players in the guild did not want to switch over to a single raid all together (Less loot chance, more competition). I wrote up a post on the forums explaining that there were many in the guild who had discolosed to me that if the guild went to 25 man, people would stop showing up, and some even said they would leave the guild.

The officers told me I was stepping out of line for saying such things, and thought I was threatening them, even though I wanted nothing more than to help the guild thrive (Always brought my A game for every raid and food for everyone). They let me stay in the guild and decided to go ahead and do 25 mans anyway, and on the first night of 25 mans, only 18 people showed up. That same night, even though I was one of the ones who showed up to raid, they kicked me and said to me in a whisper that "Your services will no longer be required".

The funny part is that because they kicked me, people left the guild. I warned them that switching to 25 mans would make people leave, and then they kicked me, so all my friends (about half the guild) left.

The annoying part was it was literally the same day I renewed my subscription. $30 down the drain, I didn't play again after.

As for Guild Wars or GW2? Never been kicked from a guild. Haven't found a good one for me either, though.

In Topic: What's Your Goal?

24 November 2012 - 10:19 PM

Level 80 Character? Check.
Story Line Completed? Check.
Full Exotics and an Armor set I like? Check.
Done sPvP and WvW for many hours? Check.
100% Map Completion? Check.
Get my Legendary? Not check. Too much RNG.
Level an Alt? Not check. Why bother aside from for PvP purposes?
Get my Ascended armor? Not check. Bored of grind.

Think that about covers it. Anything else I can do that someone can think of, aside for role play?