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#2174609 Taking the R out of RPG

Posted fibbermcgee on 04 March 2013 - 07:30 PM

View Postastromarmot, on 04 March 2013 - 06:41 PM, said:

I get what you're saying but of course it depends on how you define role...we are all but poor players that strut and fret our hour upon the stage...

Pigeonrole may not be a word, but perhaps it should be...as it seems GW2 offers the role to be less typecasting and more impromptu...

Macbeth on Guru. I never thought I'd live to see the day.

#2174874 "New" content same old rewards...

Posted draxynnic on 05 March 2013 - 09:13 AM

View PostLordkrall, on 04 March 2013 - 09:32 AM, said:

True, but without the goldsinks everyone would have way more gold, which would also, most likely, mean that stuff on the TP would increase quite a bit in prices.

It was after all not the people of Germany that started the inflation after the Great War and yet it was those that got effected by it.
That's a poor analogy, since it shouldn't come as any great surprise that the GW2 economy is different to the real-world one. Inflation in the real world affects and is affected by the price of necessities - in GW2, pretty much anything you can regard as a necessity is price-controlled through means of acquiring equivalent gear independently of the player market (by things like the temple exotics, laurel vendors, and so on) if it isn't imposed from on high by ArenaNet in the first place (waypoint costs, armour repair, training manuals that can eat up the lion's share of what a character has earned up to that point). If anything, the price of ectoplasm - and, by extension, anything crafted with ectoplasm unless it requires something even rarer - has dropped since I've started playing.

The only things where inflation can come into play is in the gem price (and you'd need to be seriously idealistic to think ArenaNet is ever going to discourage inflation in that area) and the purely aesthetic top-end weapons that are the mark of people who've truly 'made it'.

Now, let's look at who waypoint fees and armour repair costs really affect. It's certainly not the people who've popped up in some of these discussions saying that a few silver here and there are insignificant because they earn X gold/hour - because those people are entirely correct when it comes to the influence of these so-called 'gold sinks' on them. On top of that, I've heard it said that true wealth does not come from traveling and risking your life (and armour) at all, but from playing the market - I don't know the truth of it myself, but a fortune made through shrewd trading is certainly not one that's been hindered by armour repair or waypoint costs except in the most indirect of manners. So who does get hurt? It's those newer, more casual players, for whom most of their deaths are from unforced errors (to borrow a tennis term) and who might not have the time to run through zones, park leveled alts in different zones, and otherwise avoid waypoint costs. In other words, the people hurt most by them are the very people that gold sinks are supposed to protect - they serve as a regressive tax keeping the poorer players (in terms of wealth, time and/or skill) down while doing little to hinder the hardcore farmers and powertraders from building ever greater masses of virtual wealth to throw at the few items on the market that do remain uncontrolled by fixed-price alternatives.

#2171762 New Daily Achievements Options - What's your impression?

Posted Lordkrall on 27 February 2013 - 11:21 AM

View PostResolve, on 27 February 2013 - 10:48 AM, said:

Seems alright so far. They should give you extra laurels if you complete all of them for that day though.

Which would more or less "force" people into doing all of them and make the new system completely pointless.

#2166774 Should Anet bring back Rune only drops?

Posted Captain Bulldozer on 19 February 2013 - 05:23 PM

As some of you are certainly aware, in GW1 it was fairly commonplace to receive a drop that was essentially a piece of armor you couldn't use (say it was for the wrong size or species for example) yet was still upgraded with a rune or insignia.  Since armor could only be bought in the game and never dropped, this served as a way to bring runes/insignias into circulation other than the rune trader.

In GW2, of course armor drops and with some of it we get runes.  However, there are often times you want to use the armor with a different rune and since there's no way to remove a rune without destroying the armor, the rune is completely wasted.  You either have to use the rune or mod over it.  This has made high end runes extremely hard to get in some cases (although partly because exotic drop rates are already laughably low) and caused prices on the TP for some of these to spiral out of the realm of affordability for many.  

So, my question is, what do you think about the idea of re-introducing drops of non-usable but runed armor pieces to help increase the supply of runes?  (admittedly it would be better if anet just significantly increased the drop rate of exotics, but since they seem unwilling to do this, perhaps this is something they could consider instead... they could make the runed stuff not salvage for ecto if need be).

#2165967 Should the cap have been level 20?

Posted XPhiler on 18 February 2013 - 02:58 PM

I think the fact people are complaining about leveling is perfect proof why leveling up to 80 was essential.

Leveling is there to slow down players and prevent them from skipping too much content in pursuit of higher rewards. If there were no levels it would have been up to the players to go through that content and regulate their own pace and clearly some people are just not able to do that.

As someone who doesnt care about levels and just plays to enjoy the content rather then to get to max level I can tell you that by playing only one zone of each level tier (IE a single 1 ~ 15 zone, a single 15 ~ 30 zone etc...) I hit level 80 by the time I started level 60 content.That means excluding 4x extra level 1 ~ 15 zones, 4x 15 - 30 zones and 3x 30 ~ 60 zones that needless to say would have been enough to level to 80 4 - 5 more times.

Also I am not sure how having 16 zones all level 20 would have changed anything in terms of stated concerns. If you're a player who only care about the highest rewards you're going to play content that has the highest rewards. No amount of balance can ensure every single zone has exactly the same reward level or not. Thats why even though people hated the undead, the majority of the playerbase before FoTM stuck with orr and very few played in Frostgorge sound even though they're all max level zones. Ask yourself this. The Arid Sea zone was a level 20 zone in gw1. How many of you regularly played there?

In my opinion Leveling is a problem when it keeps you from content.
If you played all there is in a level 1 - 15 zone and you still are far off from reach level 15 then level is a problem.

Leveling is a problem when it introduces power creep.
If by the time I reach max level I have no were to discover, no content to do and no reward to be gotten on any zone below my level then thats a problem

Gw2 doesnt have any of these issues but it surely does seem to have players that all they seem interested about is getting the best rewards in the quickest time possible. So personally I vote that level 80 was a good choice anyhow short of gw1 it still has the fastest time to max level compared with any other MMO I have played. Not just that but it also has the most abundant amount of content per level by far.

#2164500 Massive Guides for Condition Necromancer in PvE, WvW - Cached Links

Posted f3renz on 15 February 2013 - 05:29 PM

Since I think it's bs that very helpful links that have been up for months are suddenly removed for no apparent reason, I'm posting the links to the google cached versions for anyone that wants to take a look at them. This topic will probably get locked or deleted or the cached versions will probably be pulled so save the html versions while you can.




#2164263 What would you change/add to Zhaitan's battle?

Posted Red Intensity on 15 February 2013 - 02:13 AM

I (and many others) thought this particular boss battle was lacking something, like for example: a battle. Hop on ship, kill some trash and wait for mahlazor to fire, then pelt dragon with fireballs until dead. I've seen some crappy final battles, but this tops my personal chart in "worst boss battles". What would I add if money/time/permission/code weren't issues? A battle with phases:

1. Standard trash fight on ship.

2. Laser hits dragon and we pelt it with fireballs.

3. Zhaitan hops from tower to ship's deck; Destiny's Children Edge come up on deck with barrels filled with laser rifles/rocket launchers/flamethrowers. Pact forces join in with said weaponry and we're killing trash + fighting Zhaitan. After enough health has dropped, Zhaitan's weight causes the ship to split in two and fall from the sky.

4. After the crash, Zojja informs the PC that her buddies are unconscious but so is Zhaitan for the moment. She has her golem search through the wreckage to find something useful (this part's the intermission to the quest) and during the intermission, her golem finds 5 battlesuits (if one remembers this quest) and Zojja orders the golem to charge them and once fully charged, the PC's enter them, which ends the intermission.

5. Zhaitan wakes up as the PC's burst out of the wreckage, lasers blazing. Halfway through the fight, Zojja tells the PC that her crew have woken up, but Eir and Caithe are too badly injured to help themselves. Once Zhaitan's health drops to 20%, Zojja informs the PC that she's found and activated an emergency evac beacon within the wreckage. Zhaitan throws up a temporary barrier that makes it invincible and now sends waves of trash mobs with a champion or two in the mix, and the PC's are defending the ship from the trash. Once the evac chopper arrives, PC's escort Destiny's Edge to the chopper while holding back the trash mobs.

6. The chopper leaves, and the beacon is destroyed. Zhaitan lowers barrier and fight continues. Halfway through the fight (again), the battlesuits run out of juice, forcing the PC's to get out. Zojja informs PC via radio that the battlesuits have auxiliary power supplies that have just enough juice to act as beacons for artillery, and recommends the PC's to lure Zhaitan to each of the beacons. The artillery attacks make Zhaitan sluggish until enough of them knock it out. An evac chopper piloted by Trahearne (how he learned to fly, we'll never know) arrives and we hop on, and as we're leaving, orders any megalaser-equipped airships to blast it to hell. As the chopper flies away, lasers begin firing and nuking Zhaitan. (the blasts are so blinding we end in a fade to white).

Looking at my idea, no wonder all we see are points 1 and 2. Anyway, what would you guys change/add to the battle if you could?

#2159110 Sell laurels in the gem store

Posted Illein on 06 February 2013 - 02:30 PM

View Postraspberry jam, on 06 February 2013 - 11:48 AM, said:

Personally I dislike their shitty game but would like to play dress-up and occasionally join a friend that asks me for help. Being able to buy laurels would aid me in that. If you don't want to buy them then just don't.

How do laurels aid in fashionista galore and helping someone out occasionally ?

#2159059 Sell laurels in the gem store

Posted McNasty on 06 February 2013 - 01:18 PM

This is such a stupid *ing idea. There's enough argument about gems to gold being p2w, add in laurels and you've got a recipe for mass exodus. Please stop playing if you hate the 'shitty game', Find another one and muck up their fansites if you like.

#2158424 Mono-class dungeon runs

Posted Sword Hammer Axe on 05 February 2013 - 11:23 AM

Depends on the dungeon and depends on the setups of each individual character, though generally I'd say:

Thief: Oh boy, you might want to be careful with that melee... then again, ressing and running certain paths might be a walk in the woods.

Elementalist: Well, I guess you got the support part and AoE part down, but still be careful or you're gonna get squished.

Warrior: Please notice that you're not invincible, but damn that guy went down fast...

Mesmer: You'll win this one... unless some of you are the unskilled/unfocused kind.

Engineer: This is gonna be loooooong.

Guardian: Well, at least we never die.

Necromancer: Dammit, stop putting your wells over mine! Focus on boss? Why? He's just getting killed by our conditions.

Ranger: This might get good, though those pets are somewhat irritating...

#2158061 Strangest Reason for Guild Kick

Posted G L J on 04 February 2013 - 09:39 PM

I used to lead a split US/EU guild. At a guild meeting I raised an issue that a good majority of the US players in the guild were unhappy with the server that we were on. The Europeans said to drop the issue. I asked why, would not get a straight answer, raised a stink about being ignored, and then all of the US players -including me- were kicked.

So yes, apparently looking out for my guild members concerns is grounds for termination. In a guild I founded.

#2157526 Ideas for Necromancer Skill Balance

Posted Hika on 04 February 2013 - 05:18 AM

I like your suggestions, here are some of my own to add to the discussion..
Add any of these to the OP if you feel they are reasonable or a potential fix to an area in need of balance.
Otherwise disregard :)

FINISHERS (Necros need more finishers)
Death Shroud: "Life Blast"  Adjust to be a projectile finisher
Death Shroud: "Dark Parth" Adjust to be a leap finisher
Scepter: [Chain 1,2, 3] "Blood/Rending/Putrid Curse" Adjust to be a projectile finishers

Off-hand Axe: (currently not an available Necromancer weapon)
Skill 4: Offensive leap finisher 10-20second refresh
Skill 5:  Offensive whirl finisher 20-30second refresh

Summon Blood Fiend:
- Greatly Increase health of Blood Fiend & it's ability to take damage
- Increase attack range of Blood Fiend
- Decrease outgoing damage of Blood Fiend to compensate it's new survivability

Signet of Undeath: In addition to life force, slowly generate health
Spectral Walk: Additionaly gain STABILITY for the duration of Spectral Walk (stability could be removed if the tether is severed early)
Spectral Armor: Slightly decrease refresh timer
Signet of the Locust: Increase the Healing portion of the Signet Active.

Sceptre: "Feast of Corruption" In addition to life force, gain health

Warhorn: "Wail of Doom"  Adjust to invoke FEAR instead of daze towards opponents
(brings off-hand damage up to par when traited for fear bonuses)

Dagger: "Necrotic Slash" Adjust to siphon a small amount of health
Dagger: "Life Siphon" Adjust to siphon a little more health at a slightly faster rate

Axe: "Rending Claws" Increase attack speed (Adjust to attack in a frontal cone)
Axe: "Ghastly Claws" Increase attack damage (Adjust to attack in a frontal cone)
Axe "Unholy Feast" Adjust to siphon a small amount health or life force

#2157241 Why I loathe RNG

Posted lilPricea on 03 February 2013 - 04:42 PM

I originally posted this topic on the official forums but as it's most likely to be burried there, I want to open the discussion here too.


After 5 months of pretty hardcore playing and farming, I saw 3 precursors drop to pretty new players (between 1500 and 2500 achievement points) the past few days I decided I’m pretty much done with the game.
In 5 months …

- I have farmed over 5000 events, yet I never found an exotic / precursor.
- I have farmed over 250 dungeon paths, yet I never found a named exotic / precursor.
- I have farmed over 250 fractals, yet I never found a named exotic / precursor.
- I have opened over 50 black lion chests and only received a few boosters along with transformation potions.
- I have spent over 500k karma on Orrian Boxes and have yet to receive a mini (love gathering these in any mmo).

I have reached world completion on 5 characters of which I deleted two, I have seen the world inside out and I have dropped absolutely nothing anywhere while doing so.

I have hoarded nearly 5.4k achievement points (only 200 are from infinite sources) yet again nowhere any closer to my legendary.

Now after 5 months I have absolutely nothing to show for it, I am nowhere closer to my legendary with my bad luck, I have only half of a T3 set along with a few dungeon skins on all my characters.

I played Korean MMO grindfests for 6 years and even had better drops there. This is simply mindblowing that a supposed AAA mmo can have this much RNG involved.

Anyone else who has the same experience as me?

#2157344 What if the whole Tyria...

Posted Red_Falcon on 03 February 2013 - 09:11 PM

...was actually the endgame?
Yes, remember it was the initial idea that the entire world would be the endgame?
Let's pretend that tomorrow a new patch blasts GW2 with something like this.

Once you are lvl 80, a number of special, "hardmode" events/JPs would spawn in old maps and gives you a token (once a day per map of course), that work like current dungeon tokens; you accumulate a bunch and then throw them in the mystic forge along with some gold sinking items and get an ascended item.
The result would be that you'd see people all over Tyria hunting for events, doing champions and jumping puzzles.

Not sure about you, but to me the world of Tyria is the best endgame one could ever dream of.
It's big, it's varied (goes from snow to grass to autumn environments to lava) and it's fun..
If it was just as rewarding and endgame-worthy at lvl 80 I'd feel like a kid in a chocolate factory.

Seeing as downscaling has been made more realistic I can see this happening.
A swarm of veteran Centaurs in Kessex hills with a Champ leading them, burning down the land for instance - for leveling players they would give exp, to us they would give some tokens we can use for gear.

What is your stance, would you love this, or would you prefer GW2 to continue toward instanced content?

#2151972 Social online. Quiet in real life.

Posted Kattar on 27 January 2013 - 04:06 PM

So here's the thing. Someone told me this years ago and it's stuck with me because it's true: The person you are online is the person you actually are in real life. The only difference in real life is that you're inhibited, you think you can't or shouldn't be yourself at any given time.

The speed of conversation is a little different online than it is in real life, but other than that it's not any different. You have to make yourself realize that. If you're witty and knowledgeable online, then you're witty and knowledgeable in real life too. Don't feel like you have to hide who you are. If people don't like it, that's their problem for not being mature enough to get along with someone else. You don't have to love everyone that you have to be around socially, but a mature adult will find a way to be friendly. If people aren't being friendly then they're not worth your concern, and you certainly shouldn't let them make you feel bad about who you are.

Hopefully that made some kind of sense.