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"Someone! Revive my pet!"

19 March 2013 - 12:36 AM

While I can understand why it was removed back in September 2012 because it was usually worthless, occasionally during combat I find myself in a position where I actually want to revive my pet, but have to sit there staring at it while my character moans and gripes about his pet needing revival.

I don't think any class has had any core mechanics disabled due to them being "disservices," anyways. Unless they disabled the ability for my Warrior to wield a mace/sword combo, or for my Mesmer to wield a staff for both his main and secondary weapons.

And if pet revival isn't going to be reimplemented (hopefully in a buffed format) then can these lines please be removed? It annoys me every single time I hear them and makes me want to punch my Asura in the face.

Do you think pet revival should be returned?

Mono-class dungeon runs

02 February 2013 - 09:01 PM

What is the viability of a party composed of a single class going into a dungeon? What would be the strengths and weaknesses of a mono-class team, with each class? And have you ever been in a mono-class run?

With the removal of the Trinity you'd think that there would be more mono-class runs being done, but so far I've not seen a single mono-class dungeon run ingame yet - and increasingly often I sort of want to.

Dhuum and Menzies (and Abaddon)

27 January 2013 - 01:56 AM

Now, we've heard several statements from the dev team that Abaddon isn't coming back. I am inclined to believe that, since Kormir essentially stole his power and we obviously haven't seen any hints of Margonites.

What about Dhuum and Menzies? After all, the quest dialogue in Guild Wars 1 is extremely vague on whether Dhuum is killed or "forced into dormancy," and Menzies was never even encountered. That, and the existence of Godslost Swamp, makes me relatively positive that at least one will eventually show their face in Guild Wars 2. The Norn shaman you can find in a hut in Godslost even speaks of a "presence" that stayed behind when the gods departed, and Dhuum was known to have a very strong presence in the Underworld.

Is there any more information about their possible return ingame? And what would be the potential repercussions when they surface, especially in regards to the Elder Dragons?

Ideas for Necromancer Skill Balance

26 January 2013 - 09:38 PM

I had a bit of free time so I thought I might as well slap together a list of changes I thought up for some of the more underpowered Necromancer skills and traits.

General: Increase range of all axe skills except Unholy Feast to 900m.
Rending Claws: Increase damage by 1.4x.

Necrotic Bite: Cripple target for 1 second upon attack hitting. (Mimics Flesh Golem)
Life Siphon: Decrease duration of skill to 3 seconds (down from 3 1/2) but do not decrease overall damage.

Death Shroud:
Doom: Increase duration of fear to 1.5 seconds.

Dagger (off-hand)
Deathly Swarm: Improve tracking to stop it from being obstructed too easily by terrain.

Necrotic Grasp: Increase projectile speed.

Locust Swarm: Decrease cooldown to 25 seconds.

Blood is Power: Increase duration of self-bleed to 15 seconds. Increase initial damage of skill by 1.5x.
Corrosive Poison Cloud: Decrease cooldown to 30 seconds. Decrease duration to 8 seconds (currently 12) but have the time interval between application pulses be 2 seconds instead of 3. If an opponent dies or is downed while standing in the Corrosive Poison Cloud a Jagged Horror will be spawned. (If an opponent dies and is downed they will spawn 2 jagged horrors.)
Plague Signet: Fix bugs on Plague Signet.
Signet of Spite: Reduce cooldown to 60 seconds. Improve condition damage instead of power. Spell no longer inflicts Cripple. Also applies fear upon activation for 2 seconds.
Signet of the Locust: Decrease cooldown to 50 seconds.
Spectral Armor: Reduce cooldown to 60 seconds. Reduce duration of Protection and Spectral Armor to 4 seconds, but also have skill grant Stability for 4 seconds.
Spectral Grasp: Fix tracking on skill.
Spectral Walk: Make shadowy "trail" invisible to all but the user. Current function of Spectral Walk is too flashy, allows for opponents to punish use of skill, and punishes enemy players playing on low graphics options due to it.
Well of Corruption: Have Well of Corruption inflict Poison for 1 second per pulse.
Well of Suffering: Reduce overall damage to 0.75x that of current but have it inflict Cripple for 1 second per pulse.
Well of Power: Reduce cooldown to 45 seconds.
Lich Form: The activation time of Mark of Horror is decreased to 1.5 seconds. Deathly Claws will now steal 150 HP upon hitting an opponent.

General: Allow minions to move while attacking.
Improve AI by having minions focus on whoever you are attacking.
Minions will no longer stand idle in combat.
All minions will automatically focus on your target if you command a minion to use a skill on the target.
Cooldowns on minions (with the exception of Flesh Golems) will start the moment they are summoned instead of counting down upon death. Jagged Horrors will also not trigger the death-of-minion voice line.

Summon Blood Fiend: Blood Fiends, like Jagged Horrors, will now slowly lose HP via two unremovable Bleeds. The health-stealing of Blood Fiends will also heal the Blood Fiends. Increase health of Blood Fiends by 1.2x.
Taste of Death: Now has an inbuilt cooldown of 20 seconds.
Summon Bone Fiend: Increase cooldown to 35 seconds. Bone fiends now do 1.2x more damage. Upon a bone fiend's death it will spawn a jagged horror. Increase health of Bone Fiends by 1.2x.
Rigor Mortis: Decrease cooldown to 40 seconds. Also applies one Bleed to Bone Fiend for 10 seconds upon activation.
Summon Bone Minions: Increase damage by 1.1x.
Putrid Explosion: Applies poison for 2 seconds upon detonation.
Summon Flesh Wurm: Attacks now inflict 2 stacks of vulnerability for 3 seconds. When a Flesh Wurm dies it spawns a jagged horror.
Summon Shadow Fiend: Increase cooldown to 35 seconds.
Haunt: Also fears foes for 1 second. Increase cooldown to 30 seconds.
Summon Flesh Golem: Upon death, the Flesh Golem will spawn two special Bone Minions. These Bone Minions will behave like normal minions but cannot use Putrid Explosion. Upon their death the Bone Minions will spawn two Jagged Horrors each. Increase cooldown of Flesh Golem to 80 seconds. Cooldown on Flesh Golem will start as the Flesh Golem dies, when the Bone Minions are summoned.
Jagged Horrors (general): Upon attacking an opponent Jagged Horrors will inflict one stack of bleed for 3 seconds.


Spiteful Removal: Change effect to "Whenever you strip a boon from a foe you lose a condition." No internal cooldown.
Spiteful Spirit: Grants retaliation for 4 seconds instead of 3.
Signet Power: Now gives 5 stacks of might instead of 3. Also grants Fury for 10 seconds.
Axe Training: Increase axe damage to 1.25x instead of 1.15x.

Terror: Fearing an opponent also Blinds them for 4 seconds. This blind will not trigger the extra damage from Terror.

Death Magic:
Reanimator: Reduce cooldown to 25 seconds.
Dark Armor: Change functionality to "Gain 400 toughness while channeling or while in Death Shroud."
Ritual of Protection: Change functionality to "Wells apply protection for 1 second for every pulse."
Staff Mastery: Also increases damage of Necrotic Grasp by 1.1x.
Shrouded Removal: Change functionality to "Lose a condition every 4 seconds while in Death Shroud."
Flesh of the Master: All minions except Blood Fiends and Jagged Horrors also regenerate health outside of combat.

Blood Magic:
Dagger Mastery: Dagger spells recharge 20% faster instead of 15%.
Deathly Invigoration: Also grants regen for 4 seconds.
Fetid Consumption: Change functionality to "Whenever you remove a condition from yourself you apply 5 seconds of poison to enemies within 250m. 5 second cooldown."
Vampiric Rituals: Increase life stealing by 1.2x and also apply 2 stacks of bleeding to enemies affected for 3 seconds.

Soul Reaping:
Fear of Death: Life Leech also cancels out downed state's HP degeneration while you use it.
Decaying Swarm: Activation of this trait also breaks stun.
Master of Terror: Trait also applies to blinds.

Eternal Hylek Potions

10 December 2012 - 06:47 AM

If anyone doesn't know, there are an entire set of Hylek potions available through various Karma merchants and Merchants in Sparkfly Fen that temporarily turn your character a different color for 5 minutes per potion. They're fairly cheap, too, at about 91 karma for one potion.


It'd also be cool to have an Eternal, toggleable version of every type of Hylek potion, that could sell for an extremely high amount of karma. Since the potions are aesthetic-only, I can't see any downside to this, other than a large amount of permanently green Hulk-norns wandering around Lion's Arch.

Thoughts, and would you buy them if they sold for, say, 42k karma (same as an Orrian armor piece)? It'd be nice to see expensive aesthetic Karma rewards like this for players who have a ton of karma stockpiled but nothing to spend it on.