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In Topic: D/D Elementalist Cond/Tank/Heal build Vid's Inside.

30 January 2013 - 06:46 PM

With the new Ascended rings/back/Amulets (and most likely others in the future), I noticed alot of them force precision if you try to take any that do condition damage/healing.  Would you still recommend taking them, or should I focus on other ascended gears?

In Topic: Asura Light Armor

25 November 2012 - 06:03 PM

Hey Nimajk, This is what I use for my Asura Elementalist.

-The Helm is the Oldgate Cloth Helm, which is a karma helm from the level 15 heart in Diessa Plateau

-The Shoulders are the Asura Cultural Tier 2

-The Chest is from the lvl 80 karma exotic vendor

-The Gloves are from CoF.

-The Pants are "Mhenlo's Leggings". However any one of the Named Exotics can give you that look.

-The Shoes are also from the level 80 karma exotic vendor

...and as for Dyes, I use Midnight Ice, and Robin :).

A site that helped me was "gw2armor.com" which shows All the different armors, and helped me find the helm I currently have.  Hope it helped :)