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In Topic: Guild Wars 2 Fastest-Selling MMO in History

17 August 2013 - 01:15 AM

View Postdavadude, on 16 August 2013 - 09:29 PM, said:

We can hope, but I'll be honest... Cantha is not coming.  For quite some time, if at all.

Man I remember someone from anet saying something like ''I'm looking forward to come back to Cantha too !'' something like that... It might be on a recent video or post :/.... But really I don't remember wich one.. I heard of the fact that they had problems with the asian culture cliches, but maybe they found a way around.... Don't take my words, I'm reaaaaally not sure, I might have dreamed, what a beautiful dream would that be.... But I think I heard or red that !

There I remember, it was on a post about how they built a whole story for the years between guild wars 1 and guild wars 2 on cantha and the players were asking if it would go to waste.

Anyway, off topic and me and the developper are probably waaaaay too optimistic

In Topic: Looking at Guild Wars 2 like a moba style gameplay ?

13 August 2013 - 10:01 PM

View PostFeathermoore, on 13 August 2013 - 08:58 PM, said:

Items in MOBAs are not only used to "counter" oposing champions. You use them to counter entire opposing teams. Lots of high HP? Get %hp dmg items. Lots of AP? MR items. Is that Lux ungodly fed? Hourglass to help prevent that ult from instapopping you. Some champions will result in people buying specific items (blitzcrank will necessitate Banshee's Veil), but items are bought in response to what items the other team is buying, how fed you are, and which enemy is fed. Many of the tactics revolve around what phase of the game it is and items also allow you to focus on trying to win in a specific timeframe or hold out till your champion levels up enough.

+1 Yeah well I guess my example would reduce it into a deathmatch in the end, explained like that I start to understand.
And for the second part of your post well... It's basically what I tried to explain, and you did it very well I totally agree !

I think the flagstand would be great too ! And then it would look like a GvG, well it would be GvG. But that would make the whole a 5v5 game I guess, unless you split, wich we can't always count on that. And I think we can all agree that 5v5 in Gw2 is a lot messy, and quick...

What do you think of 5v5 phases in a MOBA game compared to Gw2 ?
I know someone said that a big difference was that the income of the battle in LoL is set before the fight really begins, compared to Gw2 where the tides of a battle depend less on the initial position/engager and more on the battle itself.

It think both are really messy and quick, would that happen in GvG for example as much as it happens in LoL I wouldn't mind, but we can't have that all match long. That's why I came up with the ''forcing to split the team in lanes'' idea... Any ideas on how we could split the team in lanes ? And would a mode like ARAM (5v5 teamfight all the time, with back-up of turrets) be a good idea on gw2 ? With some little modifications ?

And my last question is : If there were a economic aspects with items and stuff in Guild Wars 2 in a game pvp mode, would it be awsome ? I mean I really think 2v2 plays would be really entertaining and promissing !

I really enjoy discussing with you Feather :)).

In Topic: The Queen's Speech

13 August 2013 - 06:46 PM

Please someone record it, please !
Because it'll so laggy for me and I won't be able to assist the event ://.

In Topic: Looking at Guild Wars 2 like a moba style gameplay ?

13 August 2013 - 06:32 PM

It's funny how I'd see any profession do a decent job at support (like other roles) with like you say, teleports, pulls, shields, pushes, damages... (Well you have to pick some of those, having all these is quite op indeed). Well I think everyone agrees with me on this right ?
Gw2 is varied enough to be called ''complex'', there's just no way to use that complexity with the current game mode.

I don't see why people want the concept of taking historical champion of Guild Wars when you can do it with your own character... Really we have the skill variety for this !

And again on economy building and items : If there's none of those, what would it give ?
We seem to be on a different point of views, some say that it would look like GvG some say that it would be a zerg fest... Well I think that's where it'll be hard for Anet (If they ever do that) to conceptualize the thing...

I personally don't think that with the lack of items the game would suffer a lot... Not at all ! Player would keep the build they began with putting more emphasis on what build combinations your team as a whole will pick, and yourself. It'll be more balanced.

What I understand from items in league of legends is that they allow the players to modify the champions stats along with what play style they want (more offensive, etc) but the most important thing that items allow is the fact that you can react to a champion that completely smashes you without these. You don't know against who you're running against before the game so you have to modify your stats during game. Pure League of legends champions have counters, some really hard, some less, and those items allow you to balance that thing. But overall, Guild Wars 2's professions are balanced, and even if you can't win a lane over a berserker thief because you're a support, that's where the lane changes and the tactic magics come into plays

Now on the farming aspect. Farming aspect is there for 2 things I suppose : Buildings items and creating a snow ball effect. It allows the game to last longer, support the system that balances the champions, and occupies the players when they're not team fighting. But I can clearly see a GvG mode with soldier waves that reward no money and are just there to support the players into pushing and defending, like they did in Gw1 (exept now they move towards the ennemy base).

View PostTevesh, on 13 August 2013 - 06:30 PM, said:

While your post has a grain of truth (a tiny one I must add), it misses the point completely. Lol's metagame with all its constraints and imbalance is still leagues more diverse than GW2 can ever hope to be. Even dota has more variety in competitive picks, and that goes a long way of telling your game has got things wrong.

LoL has too much variety, you can clearly see some champions never get played. Guild Wars 2 has (nearly) enough variety imo.

In Topic: Looking at Guild Wars 2 like a moba style gameplay ?

12 August 2013 - 05:24 PM

There's not even a need for building something. I don't see why it would be bad that it resumes into 2 teams clashing for the purpose of destroying the ''nexus'' (A guild lord and npcs would be better than a simple nexus). It would last longer because both team would have their camp as defense and there would be no lanes EXEPT if you want to split.

There is no need for progression at all in fact, it's just a plus.

Here's a topic I posted on the suggestion forum of Guild Wars 2 :

" Hello everyone !
So I’ve been missing my good old GvG mode, like a lot of player, I assume the dev do miss GvG too ! Since Gw1 and Gw2 are so different it would sure need some fixes to be applied to the second game.
My idea is this :
- 3 Lanes with soldiers waves heading to the enemy base, giving a war vibe !
Killing a soldier would grant a buff such as +1 to the characteristics prioritized in your traits, or +1 overall characteristics, or +0.1% of your characteristics. Killing a player would give a higher bonus.
- Camps would be placed on lanes wich would do the job of the turrets in MOBA games. In these camps there would be soldiers strong enough to old quite some time, who would prioritize soldiers over players for targets, and would be easy to poke (Can’t leave the camp nor shoot farther than aggro range). Of course each team would be granted with equal amount of camps in the beginning and they would be destroyable.
- 1 river crossing the lanes
- 2 Fortress (one for each team) containing each a Guild lord and all his bodyguards (the goal is to kill him).
- A forest between lanes, inside the forest there would be typical biome creatures that would give buffs.
- A trebuchet that would wipe waves of soldiers.
- Lots of places to hide and attack your enemies by surprise !
Well you catch my idea. The idea of economy building in the mode isn’t required I think, because even if the players stay on one lane without wanting to farm the soldiers, there would still be opportunities for splits, side attacks, etc. And the goal would then be to destroy the camps and progress to reach the base and then kill the Lord.
PS : We see in other MOBA that there are roles and metas (for example adc, support, ap, tank, bruisers, etc) but that’s not the goal, at the end of the day, as long as it’s fun, easy to comprehend and access (wich Gw2 would be better at), and beautiful to watch, it’s cool and competitive !
This mode would really look like a MOBA and I think it’s possible, Guild Wars 2 style.
Well here it isPosted Image. Have a great day ! "