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In Topic: Profession to choose

13 November 2013 - 10:12 AM

View PostPhredreeke, on 13 November 2013 - 09:41 AM, said:

GW2 is totally different from GW1, so you're not at a disadvantage there.

Yeah I agree on this one, only thing they have in common is the name and some of the lore.....
Don't even know why it is still called guild wars 2 because there aren't even guild vs guild battles in gw2
Heck we don't even have a guild hall here.....
Guilds have so much less value here in GW2 compared to GW1.

More on topic:
Just try both and play them to at least 30 before worrying about this.
It's not usefull to try and decide on a main and a secondary character if you haven't even played the game yet.
For my opinion, I prefere to play the light armor classes over the others.
but they just better fit my play style.
So my advice would be to make a Sylvary Elementalist.
Don't like the heavy armor on those plants so for a warrior I would pick a different race.

In Topic: Update Notes for November 12th

13 November 2013 - 08:22 AM

Making the gathering tool accound bound is a great thing, but IMHO it's something that they should have been right from the start.
And that increase of 200gems is just pathetic. They are getting too greedy at gw2 :(
especially since the old ones can be made accound bound for free.
That's a big FU for new buyers.

Either they should have given the convertion of the old ones from soul- to accound bound a price of 200gems to match the price increase for the new ones.
Or the price of the new accound bound gathering tools should have stayed at 800

If the 800gems prize had stayed I would have bought the bone pick but for 1000gems no way.
10,- euro's was a fine price for an item like that.
Getting tired of this greediness!

The Tower was quite fun though, not spectacular but I really enjoyed the instanced parts.
Had a great time working my way to the top and the last instance was very good.
Jumping down with the diving goggles was also nice :)
For the rest..... meh...
Maybe I'm getting tired of this game.

In Topic: I miss the magic

31 October 2013 - 04:28 PM

just create an elementalist a mesmer or a necro as an alt.
That way you can main your engi and when the missing the magic becomes to big to handle just hop on to your alt and have that magic fix.
play it for a while till al the magic requiring levels are back up, then switch back to your main the mighty engineer

In Topic: Problems picking a profession

22 October 2013 - 10:06 AM

The best advice imo would be to lvl each option up to lvl 80.
Getting a character to lvl 80 isn't such a big grind here in GW2
Try some different builts for each one and see which class you like best.
Make your choise, proceed and fully gear that character then master the chosen class and different builts.

I got 7 lvl 80's at the moment, still need that last one, a Thief ....

Currently my Necro is my main, playing him the most.
Got 3 different armor sets and many weapons so I can adjust him to do any desired type of content.
Last few days I'm mostly using Specter of Death build, just love the survivability and the great DPS.
It is true that Necro's don't bring a lot of  team support, but the fun factor is certainly there :)

If more team support is what you want Mesmer is a great choise.
Really like this class aswel, bit boring till lvl 40 but after it's all great and a solid choise to play as your main character.
Only thing putting me off is all those pink and purple shiny skill animations.... tends to get on my nerves after long gaming sessions :P

Engineer is also a wonderfull class but the main problem I got with him is those weapon kits.
The kit's are great and I use them a lot if not all the time.
But I hate the fact that it hides the awesome weapons you could be wielding.

Elementalist is also a great class to play imo.
Mostly played this class back in the early days of gw2 so I'm not up to date on it's current state.
But I just loved playing staff Ele, those fire and water flields are so nice to have. Both usefull for your self and your team.
Blast finishers FTW!
This is especially good with your Guardian friend using a hammer.

Perhaps if you really don't want to "grind" multiple character to lvl 80 it could be usefull to make a trade off matrix.
Let the outcome make your decision easier!

In Topic: [Build] The Shredder! Destroyer of all!

15 October 2013 - 08:00 AM

Great build, really enjoy playing this after a 4 month GW 2 break.

What would be the best Sigils te use for this build?
Currently running axe + warhorn & Axe + Focus.
Both sets with Sup. Sigil of Fire and Sup Sigil of Strength.

Only to realise having 2 on crit sigils with a cool down don't work well to gether.....
But I need to have the extra Might on crit and I just love the flamy explosions from the fire sigil.
Just love seeing my Life Blast run through multiple mobs and explode hitting even more.
Could use some advise here :)
Should I just keep it this way or should I really dump the fire and bring force....?
Or are there any other viable sigil options to consider?