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In Topic: Has anet put their cash shop before content?

17 December 2012 - 08:04 AM

By no means is playing 1-2 hours make you a loser, obviously that's the wrong word to use by that poster -- hopefully we don't just hang on that in this discussion.

But I have to say, if you do have a high demand job and a family and only get to play for 1-2 hours for fun, then you shouldn't care enough to post about these ridiculous things.  If you are really a casual player with all the above responsibilities and still have the time to complain about how hard it is to open a fictitious chest in a video game then you need to reevaluate what is important in your life.

Just play .

In Topic: Has anet put their cash shop before content?

17 December 2012 - 07:50 AM

I don't understand these discussions as if Anet did not implement a system where you can trade gold for gems.

If anything, they have given you more choices than you needed.  People will always be angry, if they get everything they wanted its "there is nothing to do!"  If they don't get enough its "this is too hard and should be easier for me specifically!".

I think Anet perfectly implemented a way for people to either collect gold and purchase gems for your items or if you want it more immediately (as it seems you do from the apparent frustration from this post) then purchase them with your real money.  Again, there ARE options - stop making it out to seem there are not.

This is how I see it:

The game is free to play after initial purchase, you have no right to complain.  It only costs your time which is totally in your control (unless an Anet staff member has a knife at your throat everyday making you log in).  If you were paying monthly, then yes you deserve a voice as a stock holder essentially -  but since you don't, either keep playing the game or walk away if it displeases you.  

In Topic: Chris Whiteside "Ask Me Anything" Highlights

27 November 2012 - 09:37 PM

My guess is, when they implement a T2 Legendary, you will need the first tier to craft the second.  

I am sure they will also add new legendaries that will have its own quest line as well -- but I do not see why they would not sequel out the original legendaries.

In Topic: Chris Whiteside "Ask Me Anything" Highlights

27 November 2012 - 07:58 PM


Teaming with a group of people (Dungeons).
Mysterious Instance Mixing Skills (Fractals).
A Labyrinth that changes every day (Diablo 3?)

Each dungeon gives you 60 tokens per path and there are 3 paths...  You can literally get a piece of armor in 3 runs.   As for a legendary you need 1Million Karma actually much more than 100k but we can get back to that.   Ectos can be extracted from rare items quite easily if you do enough dungeon runs or just run around Cursed shore with your friends.

A legendary is just that, legendary.   It should take awhile to get, you should not get it in a day or even a week.   You should be working towards it.   The reason they say it is not a grind is because it depends what you are focused on.   If you are FOCUSED on getting a legendary and that is all you care about then absolutely yes that is going to be a grind because you are pouring your time into that item this theory is replicated to any other item you FOCUS on.    But if you are just playing the game for fun, doing a few runs a day, just playing with friends earning karma here and there -- you will eventually get to the point of having enough for a Legendary.  Will it be as fast as some hardcore player FOCUSING on just this ?  Definitely not, but that is their prerogative not yours.

To say that you play an hour a day (casual player) and you should have the exact same items/trophys and achievements as someone who players 6 hours a day (hardcore player) is ridiculous.  

You get what you put into the game, or life in general.  You cant get what someone else gets with little to no effort.

In Topic: Chris Whiteside "Ask Me Anything" Highlights

27 November 2012 - 07:39 PM

I really do not understand what everyone is complaining about.

It is quite possible that I am ignorant to what individuals want here.  I see people saying they are sick of the "grind" to get karma, to get crafting materials to get the armor they would want.

What do you want then?  Do you just want all the vendors just to take high fives?  

- Oh I see that you are looking for some Arah gear, that would cost you 2 high fives each.
- Oh I see that you are looking for a Legendary, that will cost you 15 high fives.

I can only imagine that people would just start complaining that their hands are getting too tired from all these high fives.

I do not see any right to complain because the game has NO monthly subscription fee.  If you are paying for gems that is your own choice, it is not like they did not give you the option to use gold to trade for Gems.

Everyone wants a perfect world, but look around you, people will always be complaining for a better way of living.   If the game is not what you expected or wanted... why not just stop playing?  You will not be losing anything -- you will actually most likely be gaining more time on your hands.