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In Topic: why so much negativity

19 December 2012 - 10:48 PM

You know the sad part about all this bickering and yelling at each other could've all been fixed if Anet didn't stretch out the game's content through 80 levels...and rather been smart and continued to roll with their rather risky (but very effective) decision to make the game cap 20..and then base this mass amount of content that has been stretched between 80 levels...and just designed it around flushing out a playing experience after you hit level 20...

As I've said many times before, there is a lot of negativity surrounding Guild Wars 2 because ArenaNet decided to take what wasn't broken and break it..but not just by a little bit..by a whole lot.

I'm not saying this as a fan of Guild Wars 1, I believe that everyone's complaint about combat and overall character progression could have been set to rest if they did in fact make this game an improved sequel and not just another standed MMORPG with vertical progression but lacking the actual content to make it tolerable.

I see a lot of people saying to one another that they don't know what Vertical and Horizontal Progression means, but the real honest question you should ask...is does ArenaNet know what those two mean?

In Topic: GW2 endgame = jump puzzles and mini dungeons.

17 December 2012 - 03:57 PM

I really don't mind the game's endgame, I just wish it was more entertaining. I know that a lot of people are actually very content with Jump Puzzles, just the problem is with jump puzzles, after you do it once you pretty much have no reason to do it again. I wish that most jump puzzles were dynamic meaning there were multiple ways and multiple rewards that could be achieved based off those ways. Also something along the lines of perhaps the puzzles themselves changing up each week, like physically changing their geography and paths so that after running it 2-3 times one way you still can't be sure as to what you might end up facing. All they need to do really is have 2-4 different map plans for a puzzle and that would keep people busy and then continue to add more and get creative with it so that each puzzle had their own uniqueness to the zone they were in other than just the surrounding.

Regarding the mini-dungeons, that in all really isn't that bad its just the fact that they're so painfully dull. I know people talk about GW1 and what not and when someone makes a comparison people rage, but I would like to talk about one "dungeon" I guess you could call it in Factions that really WOW'd me. I'm talking about the first one you really run into off the starter island where you're trying to take down the necromancers and those deformed undead/mutant mobs. You ran with your team, but there were 2 dungeons running at the same time, each one was different, and as your running it you come to a game for the final boss fight and this is what wow'd me. You wait a while if the other side of the dungeon was moving slow until they reached the same point iirc and then your part of what was it like 8? would be ushered into this main room WITH THE OTHER TEAM OF 8 PEOPLE don't the alternate route of the dungeon and so its 16 people literally duking it out and working together to stop the necromancer's abominations from taking over and it was literally like a zerg rush of mobs constantly piling in until you were done fighting the waves and face the final boss. It was fun it was different and it really made me want to do it again because I had honestly never seen something where you would be teamed up with another party (or NPCs if no one else was running it) and it still brings a smile to my face as I type this because I miss things like that.

Lol..I realize this is riddled with errors but I'm not going to bother editting them lol enjoy ;-;

In Topic: why so much negativity

17 December 2012 - 03:43 PM

@MAUL: So...because games created 6-7 years ago, people who realize that this is a new age for MMOs to start impressing people because the genre as a whole is TOTALLY not been reduced to the point of a funnel technique produced by all developers just throw on a new skin and charge 60 bucks for it most times. Because of all that progress made with MMORPGs within the past 6-7 years and games getting better over time, you're telling people that they are foolish and unrealistic to expect games like GW2, which is on the bleeding edge of what was promised to be a revolution in MMORPGS (which in some respects still holds that title, but from an apparent laziness gloss shines through in some places), to have up to par content compared to other games in the market, even its predecessor?

Hmm sounds rather harsh, if we don't demand a certain quality of gaming when we invest money into that product, what are we really doing other than handing company money and saying "we are content with the lack of quality you are giving us, keep up the work". Granted I'm not saying rouse the troops and storm Anet with insults and banter, or something as stupid as boycott something, since they achieve nothing. A gamer's most powerful tool is their pocket, which Anet knows full well, hence why the game is B2P, makes everyone happy. So since people can't show their dissatisfaction with how the past few months have been and cannot unsubscribe, the only tool we have now is to be very loud and vocal. There are right ways and wrong, but I wouldn't consider any of it bad really. There are those who scream the loudest and make the most noise which gets the developers attention, and then there are those who are more unified in their cause regarding a overall complaint that is being held among the community that gets viewed because of those who are demanding attention. It all works pretty well, its just there are so many people with diehard positions when it comes to gaming that most lose sight of being reasonable and being conceded.

Also regarding those saying GW2Guru isn't the place developers will come looking for suggestions or the kind. Let me remind you the GURU community is held very highly among Anet staffers and has had numerous times where PR and Community Leaders from Anet come to be with the community, more so back during the old school days of GW1, but they still are very much alive here. Secondly, let me also make this a little more clear as to how silly you sound. You're telling me you believe that developers are more likely to turn to Reddit and ignore a very large and much so alive community based solely around every aspect of their game...and has a more extensive and detailed forum than their own Official Forum (which mind you wasn't even up the first month of the games release iirc)

That's just my 2 cents.

In Topic: the mistakes Anet admitted

14 December 2012 - 09:16 AM

I don't mean to be "that" guy or anything but I would like to point out something that may make sense for some or may just anger a lot, probably the latter because all people are doing is rage at someone who has a valid point or consistently make up points off baseless accusations for the sake of making their own point better than the one they are arguing with.

I go into this saying that I think GW series both games are great works of accomplishment. There is one issue that I have a hard time swallowing and accepting, one issue that a lot of people are throwing around like it is an excuse for the lacking quality and quantity of content in GW2 compared to GW1.

Guild Wars 2 has been in development for what a little shy of 4-5 years now? Correct me if I'm wrong that's a really long time for a game to be developed. Guild Wars 1 over the course of its life cutting itself shy of say 2007-2009 stopped content for itself and worked on overall balance and just making the game "as perfect as it could be". That means over the course of 4 years being as Guild Wars 1 released in 2005, it amassed a lot of content and experience for their team to know what it takes to make a solid game and produce some truly great content for its player base.

Now I would think that a game that wants to outshine its predecessor would of course amass all of its content and one go and expand on that. So sure Guild Wars 1 was out for 5 years until it reached its maturity and had all the content it had. Guild Wars 2 was in development for equally long with a team that knew what they were doing and knew what it took to make a game great for their fan base. Now the excuse I see is well Guild Wars 2 has just released and is relatively new so of course its not going to be chucked full of goodies and what not, but there is a rather poor difference between the quality of the content given to us between the two games.

Basically all I see people saying to me as a concerned fan of Arenanet and Guild Wars, that I'm stupid for expecting the same quality of game Guild Wars is NOW in its successor, despite the fact that this game was not pushed out like a quick smash and grab, despite the fact that it lacks it content compared to its previous title, and despite the fact that a lot of what Anet did right with GW1 they decided to break it in Guild Wars 2. I'm not complaining about how the game isn't instanced or there is no trinity or anything of the like. I'm simply talking about the idea of horizontal progression traded in for vertical and then being utterly lazy regarding said progression. I don't care what style of progression I'm given, I just want to have fun. I feel like Guild Wars 2 is lazy, yet still a great game because I still can't stop playing it, though that might by my own disillusion to the fact that I don't want the game to fail and I really don't come to play the game but rather play for my Guild and friends because if it wasn't for them I would've quit the game a month after release because there just simply anything to do after that. Sure that's a great quality for say a single player game, but I would expect that even without the fact that my friends aren't playing I could enjoy the game, but I cannot because I've ran with pug's and chat with random people but the game is just dull when it comes to me doing that.


I'm being told that I'm not supposed to expect a game's successor to be leaps and bounds better than the original game itself, instead I'm told that it took "X" years for it to reach its status, so now I can't expect the same quality from the sequel because I'm being unrealistic and too demanding.

In Topic: When will game developers understand...

14 December 2012 - 08:21 AM

View PostTGIFrisbie, on 14 December 2012 - 03:07 AM, said:

They learned it in GW1.  However, I have come to conclude not a single developer, producer or designer from the original GW1 is still at Anet.  That is the issue, sadly.

This is actually very true. A lot of people forget that a good portion of the development team did in fact leave Anet to work on other projects and in one case start their own studio (Undead Labs). A good portion of ArenaNet is now split between Undead Labs and Riot Games, and a few developers have come out and said that they were not pleased with the decisions the team was making as a whole and wanted no part of the development of the game.

I'm not trying to knock what remains of the originals (albeit there are still a few left working) its just there has been a loss of sight in what Guild Wars as a genre actually stood for. I mean when GW1 was in development people critized them heavily for trying to be different that the omega beast that was to be known as WoW. And the team flat out said "we are not trying to compete with games like WoW and Everquest but offer an alternative to such) because trying to compete and keep both sides of the realm happy is unrealistic. I love GW1 and I love GW2 but the direction to break what was perfectly fine and shove it into GW2 was honestly an insult to dedicated fans that have stuck by Anet for years. Plus I still don't get how GW2 can be called Guild Wars, if their excuse for "guild" pvp is to take to the fields of WvW and have guild's duke it out there. What's the point of calling your game "Guild Wars" if it doesn't even provide it. But I digress.