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Guild Wars 2 and Fading

01 December 2012 - 10:00 AM

No this isn't a rant topic, I would prefer all that garbage and discussion be left to the many threads that plague this open discussion forum. I am here hoping to get some discussion going and hopefully some good ideas and tips regarding people struggling at the moment to play and may perhaps have lost their way among all the trivial bickering and the loud opinion of others.

I myself am a proud JQQ'er since Day 1. I got my first level 80 almost a month in to playing release (mind you I had this game on pre-order and attended the early start period) and I am a a victim of Alt-titus. I can't stop making alternate characters in which I delete moments later only to end up recreating them at a later date. I come to this forum being as it has many people of both sides and hopefully some people suffering or have overcome the same issues I have.

I have a level 80 mesmer, as to how I leveled him to 80 without deleting and restarting it is honestly unknown to me, I think I could probably thank crafting going from 50 to 80 but that consequently left me very very poor. I'm struggling to find ways to keep myself playing this game mostly because of the very negative attitude it seems either my server or just as a player base itself this game is producing. Unless I am willing to spend ample amount of time farming for progression for people to want to do anything (even my current girlfriend has join the ranks of not wanting to do much with me because despite being 80 I am behind in overall progression)

I'm always finding that I am losing love for my mesmer, I find that what I once found to be fun and unique is almost becoming dry and rinse/repeat heavy due to very little diversity I find within the class itself. Mind you I've done all sorts of builds from mantra tank to shatter spec. So I'm looking to appease my need for alternative characters by making another class.

I'm struggling to keep playing this game despite how badly I want to because I have no real direction and very few people want to help out with that.

Discuss things you have done if you've found yourself in my position and maybe share tips as to what advice you could give to an old GW1 Vet who has moved on and does not want to look back and to continue playing GW2.