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In Topic: [Answered] Can Anyone Please Tell Me, What Is A "Train" & How Doe...

06 January 2014 - 05:14 PM

Most of your question are already answer, but here some additional information.

These champions/events where there since the beginning of the game. But since an update a couple months ago, they become more attractive to do with the addition of champions bags. Now every champions can drop a bag (from basic to exotic level). This pushed people to find the best way to farm those bags. In theory every maps could probably allow a champion run like in Queensdale, but for now i only heard about a run in Queensdale and Frostgorges Sound. Queensdale was already use to farm even for completing dailies so a lot of people already knew pretty well all events and champions there so it was easy to find a cycle or champions there.  For Frostgorges Sound it the only map level 80 that aint at Orr (Orr is so anoying for most people and it's away from most of the rest of the map) and in addition you have Claw of Jormag on this map.

Queensdale seem more popular. Almost all server have a train there 24/7. You have decent amount of loot/money, you can level alt, there is SB (which is a really fast World boss), you can do most of you daily by doing it (kill, events, group events, etc) and you are already in on of the best map to complete others daily (like ambient killer, etc), most people already know Queensdale by heart, even before the champion train, and finally its a great place to ask question to the community.

Frostgorges Sound is a bit less popular. Most server have a train, but not all the time and sometimes its only a couple of person. Other server on the other hand have people guesting exactly for the train. Like 1 or 2 months ago Crystal Desert was one of these server, but right now most people go other server for that. (I'm really not sure, because i stop doing this train for a while, but Jade Quarry i think is one of these server where the train is usually big). This train give you more loots since the map is level 80 (pretty much all bag are Exotic there), you usually wait less time (waiting at the boar in Queensdale can be long), the chat have less noise on it (less new players chatting about everything so you can actually have a discussion with other people in the train), and Jormag give a lot more Dragonite ore that SB. But on the other hand, Jormag need more time and more people to complete, most of the Train wait at the last minute to take the reward on Jormag leaving some people to do all the job for them, you can only use level 80 so you can't level up an alt, you can't do a lot of daily there because there champion don't give any events or group events, there is also really little add around them so it take more time to do your daily kill.

At the end, there is a lot of pratical reason why Frostgorges Sound Train is less popular that the Queensdale train even if the first one give a bit more loots/money. If you only want to get the max amount of money/loot go for the Frostgorges Sound Train, but for every other reason, the Queensdales train is better, especially for casual players.

In Topic: Update Notes for December 10th

12 December 2013 - 01:21 PM

View PostEl Duderino, on 12 December 2013 - 01:15 PM, said:

If you mean that a 20% increase in effective damage isn't a big deal, then u guess you are right....

20% is for the every ascended equipment. He was talking about the armor in particular that don't really give a noticeable stats advantage. I will craft an ascended armor, but only to get more infusion for fractal. The stats for me in the armor are negligible for the amount of Laurel and Dragonite ore needed. My secondary armor on my Main PvE, my armors on my Main WvW and all my alts are gonna stay exotic simply because ascended armor don't give me anything for my gold except the infusion slot in fractal. The ascended trinkets are really cheap to get and the weapons are a good investment, but the armor?? Not really.

In Topic: Defeating the Holy Trinity - Success or Failure?

10 December 2013 - 01:42 PM

View PostEl Duderino, on 09 December 2013 - 07:25 PM, said:

The loss of depth from the loss of the monk class is much much worse than any supposed problem related to this post.

I don't see that as a lost of depth. I'm not specifically talking about the GW1, but with the holy trinity as a whole. This is not true for all traditionnal MMO, but usually Profession only change the way you play. What other people play as class don't really change the way you are playing that much as long as the group bring Healer, tank and dps. In GW2 i will play differently the same dungeon depending on the professions in the group. For me the direction that GW2 went is a better one, but the Holy Trinity have evolve for a long time to bring a mature system that feel more balance and complete. The GW2 system on the other is new, feel incomplete and unbalance at a lot of level. And this is normal since its was the first try. Condition dmg vs Power dmg, Defensive vs Offensive stats, some profession vs others. A lot of the stuff need work and some more experimentation. Maybe Anet gonna be able to bring to system to the next level, or maybe its gonna be another company in another game. But I hope see more of that, and a bit less of the traditional Holy Trinity.

In Topic: [Answered] Looking for Boss - Gendarran Fields

10 December 2013 - 01:31 PM

BTW the reason why you did zero damage to him is because he usually create a field around him that decrease incoming damage greatly. With full exotic/ascended level 80 we do like 100-50 dmg per hit, so this can explain why you did zero. But when he get this particular bounty, we bring low level guildmate with us to kill him and they do just find as long as we push him out of the field.

In Topic: Profession build opinions?

03 December 2013 - 06:28 PM

If you search a good build for both PvE and WvW well it doesn't exist so good luck with that ;) . But seriously the best for you would be to play your character a bit in WvW and PvE and concentrate on 1 Character for each part of the game. Myself i have my Guardian for PvE, my Egineer for WvW Roaming and my Warrior for Zerg WvW. One of my friend use is thief for PvE and WvW Roaming, but he have to change character when he want to play with the WvW Zerg. I don't say he couldn't, but he feel useless and don't like it.

His build is full berserker gear and concentrate on Stealth for his trait. Don't know the exact trait combinaison. Sorry.