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Grenade Direct Dmg Spreadsheet

23 January 2013 - 02:45 PM

I'm presently working on a spreadsheet to calculate the DPS of a grenade Engineer to try several combinations of Gear and Trait. I know that several people already posted similar spreadsheet but, my two main concerns about those were:

1) No information help other people to understand what calculation the spreadsheet do. So basically you can't really check if it uses good formula and numbers.
2) They usually make big assumption like a constant 25 stack of bleed or perma poison. This can be achieved in certain build, but not all of them.

The spreadsheet is almost finished, but I wanted to put here only my calculation for the direct damage of the grenadier so people could give me feedback. I want to know if I did some error and if I explained well enough my calculation. I tried really hard to put in my spreadsheet the more information and explication I could.

I thank you in advance for any input.

EDIT : I uploaded the new version of my spreadsheet (Version 1.1).