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How my Ban for Snowflake is different and unjustified!

04 January 2013 - 03:43 PM

I am posting this topic here because I needed a place to type this text since I can't post on the official forums. Letting my friend copy paste it here and thought well the more people that see this the better.

First of all let me explain why I post it on a forum and not in a support ticket to get an answer? Well there support is really busy because 200 people are spamming them now with unban me this that. And it is like they scan for the words Snowflake Exploit and banned got all those 3? Well let's response with a copy paste mail all those 200 get with your not getting unbanned!

I hope this way some1 from arena net will actually read it and reply on my case.

For those who don't know there where 2 recipes that could produce globs first of all the 1 I didn't knew about and 190 of the 200 banned people exploited.

It is this recipe : http://www.gw2spidy.com/recipe/6759 it is even in the old recipe with only 1 upgrade component needed. Wich was the catch cause u had an 80 % chance to get 1 glob back and then a chance to get another 0-3 Globs to cover the part of the 8 Mithril Ores that allways got lost in the process. The avarage was 0.9 for them so for 800 Mithril Ores (5,12 G atm) they gained a avarage of 90 Globs.(25,2 G atm) well I could agree with arena net that those people could have seen that this was not intended and could be an exploit. Well the market stabalized fairly quickly and would have ment that the price of Mithril Ore would have jumped over 2 S each and globs to like 22,5. Well that can't be talked good with it probaly was intended.

Now my case I used a more expensive and way less proffitable recipe. http://www.gw2spidy.com/recipe/6761 also in the old state with 1 upgrade component.
Also had 80 % chance to get 1/3 of the item back but also an 100 % guarantee that 5-8 of the Orichalcum ores used (99 % of the time 7) would be gone and combine that with 20 % chance to lose the upgrade with glob in it and another 4 Orichalcum ores. But there where too many variables and I had no idea what the avarage glob I would get out of Exotics. Well I now estimate it not that much higher the rare(0.9) it was probaly like 1.2.

I decided to craft 10 upgrade components with those I could create around 50 earings (I just calculated 10*0,8 all the time and turfed how many where left after a serie.

This is the result:
10 8 6 5 4 3 2 2 1 1 1 1 1 after that was at 0, something so 48 should be the result.

Oké this seems scetchy and maybe should have been seen as a exploit but I saw it as an intended way and that it was just like a recipe such as http://www.gw2spidy.com/recipe/1603 Wich cost let's say 20 S to make and 0,9 chance to get an glob. It makes proffit on avarage cause make 100 of those for 20 G and get 90 Globs worth 25 G(with the price of posting it on tp and time needed also barely proffitable). Telling you this to proof that making Globs out of other materials is not illigal and has been in game since launch.

I don't know the exact numbers anymore but I know I crafted 10 new Upgrade component 3 times (not in a row had to wait for globs to sell and ores to come in took me like all day).
With the first serie of 10(so 48 earings) I mostly used my own globs Ores and Snowflakes.

So I offcourse made a proffit only bought ores for like 8 G and gained 58(48*1.2 like I said don't know exact numbers) globs worth 14,5 G (25 S that day) After sale 11 G. so 3 G proffit but some of the resources used where in my bank allready.

The 2nd time I had a bit more luck and I calculated I made 2 G proffit after sale. Just counted all the resourced bought (48 * 7 Orichalcum ores + 10 Snowflakes + 10 Globs + 10*4* Orichalcum if it was an avarage turn)
The third time I had bad luck and came down to 3 G loss!!

So I decided it was not worth my time and stopped. But the main thing is who off the people reading this would have seen a new recipe that can give either 5 G loss or profit depending on ur luck as an exploit and would have reported it.

Arenanet must have seen it as wow he crafted the earing 150 times well we drew the line at 100 he must have made at least 50 G proffit over something we think is an exploit he must be banned! But the case is I was just experementing with a new recipe and even made a 1 G loss on avarage.
And trust me if I had like an avarage of 2.2 Glob per salvage and made like 50 G proffit I would had either not stopped at 150 or reported it as an exploit.

Another thing that made me think it was not an exploit but intended is the next story. Arenanet said in an interview they wanted to make the legendary and ascanded backpacks easyer to get for players. Making globs cheaper made sense.
And if you loot at the market since Karka/Fractals update this is what happend to the 2 main components in my "exploit".

Demand on glob went up.(more legendary hunters and ascanded backpiece)
Supply on Orichalcum went up.(Rich Orichalcum ore and some other Orichalcum to be mined daily in new map)
If this recipe was indeed intended it would have ment:
Supply on glob went up
Demand on Orichalcum ore went up.
That means ballance!

I am 100 % sure that 99 % of the people who only discovered my recipe and didn't knew about Mithril would have seen this as intended and not as an exploit!


There are 2 recipes 1 with mithril that 190 of 200 people banned people got banned for and made an avarage proffit of 20 G per 100 Salvages. I did not use this recipe and people using it should have seen it as exploit. Especialy if you look what it does for the market (making mithril 2 S each and t5 Snowfalkes 30 * more expensive as t6)

And my recipe with Orichalcum that gave me personaly a loss of 1 G in 100 Salvages ( 2 G proffit first 50 3 G loss 2nd 50) and with looking what it does to the market (barely affect it) only upping demand on Orichalcum and adding supply on Glob after Karka/Fractal did it the other way around. And could have not been spotted as an exploit there making my ban false!

[Answered] Account/Soulbound

30 November 2012 - 09:36 PM

I am playing on alot different charecters since get bored of a class pretty quickly. Therefor I don't have a real main but still have a dream to get an legendary 1 day.

Bought and Rage(Harpoon gun) and Howl(Warhorn) when prices were low and kinda decided to get the Warhorn for my ranger.

Only was wondering what some of the items u need for legendary are (Soulbound so only for that char or Accountbound that I can swap).

Mostly the 100 % map completion gifts and Bloodstone shard. Planning on doing that on my Thief who allready has every WvW map 100 %.Are those account bound or soul?

I heard Bloodstone itself is or at least was soulbound. But Can I like make the gift of Mastery on 1 char (1 who haven't done 75 % of the sp's on the map yet and used the sp for t5-t6 and Clovers) Then swap it to my ranger?

And the craftable Gifts u need a proffesion for are also account bound right? So can use the leatherworking of my Thief then swap it my ranger?

Also heard some1 say when u create the legendary weapon it first is accountbound until first equip. So could also create it on the char with the 100 % map or with the 200 sp and then swap it?